Cat Ears: The Purr-fect Last Minute Halloween Idea!

cat-ears-street-styleOr… why not, a new way to spice up your everyday style? Before I let you in on my quirky dare, let’s focus on what’s important right now. Halloween is here, and I’m NOT FREAKING OUT AT ALL!!! Why should I? I mean with so much work on my hands for the past 2 weeks I’ve had plenty of time to think about what I’ll wear, who I’ll go as, or where I’ll go.

But, just in case I may have not given the slightest crap as to what costume I’m getting, despite my previous post, (I always felt a dark lipstick and a wig are enough, but when the whole world goes above and beyond with this Halloween thing, you tend to reconsider), I had an idea, that, in all honesty is not really mine, but my friend’s, July. CAT EARS! halloween-cat-ears-street-stylehalloween-cat-ears-street-styleHaving said that, I think they are the perfect gimmick for Halloween, and can adapt to any outfit or makeup you want to wear. For instance black studded or lace cat ear headbands look amazing with red lips or cat-winged eye makeup, dark nails and a black dress or leather trousers. pixie-lott-cat-ears-street-stylecat-ears-headband-street-stylecat-ears-lookIf, however you prefer a more feminine light version of the cat woman, you may choose to go for pink, white or nude cat ear headbands with natural makeup and a very girly flirty outfit. pink-gold-cat-ear-headbandsAs all good things, these cat ears too come in quite a few styles: headbands, wires, simple, sophisticated, hats, face veils, lace, latex, leather, studs etc. cat-ears-headbands-stylescat-ear-hatscat-ears-hat-street-stylecat-ears-headband-style-street-stylecat-ears-street-style-1cat-ears-street-style-piuxielotthalloween-idea-cat-ears-street-stylehalloween-idea-rihanna-cat-earsIn all honesty I wasn’t really sold on this look at first, but after this post, and all these cheeky cute looks, you know what? I am seriously reconsidering Cat Ears. They’re playful, feminine, cute, somewhat naughty. Hey, celebs are wearing these on both Halloween as on a non-Halloween spur of the moment.

cat-ears-headbands-styleJuly was contemplating with the idea of buying a pair, prior to Halloween for an everyday look-at-me-bitch-Meaw Style. Which actually got me thinking… could we wear cat ear headbands anywhere?

I say ‘why not’. What do you say?

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