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Is The BLAZER Still In Fashion?

statement-blazersPardon my ‘Dohhh‘ but it’s the only answer I can come up with, unless this is a rhetorical question, in which case I still feel slightly obliged to not treat it superficially but give it more thought. The self inflicted blazer torment is only based on the ubiquity of the leather jacket. As much as I love the latter, I have to say too much of something just makes it loose its initial meaning. We’ve recently just discovered the leather jacket’s versatility and ever since we’ve literally gone dumb or oblivious to other jackets. The result? Everyone, regardless of their personal style is wearing this once rockenroll piece, which, therefore is losing its grungy statement. I hate that. I feel as if those of us, loyal to grungy edgy styles have been robbed of our only-owned-and-styled-by-us pieces. This, may however not be that bad, cause it leads to us being forced to come up with new brilliant fashion ideas. Such as… well… the rest of the jackets fashion has given us over time: coats, furs, trench coats aaaand the ever classic BLAZERmen-inspired-blazer-styleAlthough the blazer will never be out of fashion, I wonder, has it lost a bit of territory to other outwear pieces, or is it just me? If I’m alone in my delusion… than fine. It means I’m wrong and we can all rest assured. But what if I’m not? I say let’s bring this shit back! Just think of the infinite styles a blazer has: fitted, classic, oversized, boyfriend style, and the fact that it goes with absolutely anything while giving it a slight preppy or classy vibe is the best. blazerstreet-style-mint-blazerThat’s the thing, as much as we’re into grunge punk trends, we need to spice things up once in a while, and switch styles. Not to mention how professional and business chic a blazer is. It will never be dated, it will never lose its versatility and truth is, it will always be the go-to-piece for any work related situation. boyfriend-blazer-lookblazer-business-styleboyfrined-blazerWhat is the Blazer style for 2013? With the boyfriend looks being huge, my money’s on the boyfriend cut blazer, longer, with pockets, slightly oversized, in black or grey, with sleeves rolled up for a chicer look.

I love this style with one amendment: I think blazers should be very tailored and fit, regardless of their style inspiration (like boyfriend, or cropped or statement) a blazer should always fit at the shoulders. I just think it looks so much better that way. And I love them in black with my favorite look being: boyfriend inspired blazer, thigh-length, with mini dress, skirt or shorts and heels. Any top will do. I just think the illusion of wearing just that blazer is irresistible. street-style-blazer-4black-blazer-street-styleblazer-style-2013blazer-trend-2013boyfrined-blazer-lookbusiness-look-blazerColor wise, going for the craziest shades is the easiest way to spice up a look. A pink, orange or even clean white blazer can be quite the fashion statement. Not to mention the sequined or studded onesboyfriend-blazer-2013-autumnboyfriend-blazer-street-stylefloral-print-blazer-street-styleorange-blazer-streetstylebusiness-look-blazerstreet-style-boyfrined-blazerstreet-style-sequined-blazerMore styles & looks… jacket-trend-blazeroversized-blazer-street-stylestreet-style-blazerstreet-style-blazer-1 (2)street-style-blazer-2street-style-blazer-5street-style-blazer-6street-style-blazer-7street-style-blazer-9street-style-blazer-12street-style-blazer-lookstreet-style-blazersstreet-style-men-inspired-blazerstreet-style-oversized-blazerstreet-style-white-blazerwomen-blazer-streetstyleThe blazer is a classic staple but the new styles and cuts out there sure make you think twice before refusing to resort to this piece for fashion statement reasons. While the leather jacket or furs were once the hit… their constant presence just makes me go bleah at times.

So yeah… I might have a hidden agenda with all this let’s bring the blazer back movement, but it’s sort of refreshing to look at the edgy side of the most classic piece ever.

14 thoughts on “Is The BLAZER Still In Fashion?

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  2. Blazers never go out if fashion, I own so many different ones…my favs are a khaki, studded one and one with a leather collar…just fantastic. Even with a simple shirt, a blazer adds instant chic and always saves my outfit if I do not know what to wear.
    Great post, as usual!

  3. I have a ton of blazers but I’m having trouble integrating them with some of my newer finds. I do like the one picture of the girl wearing one with that colorful maxi dress.

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  5. While blazers will never go out of style, they are definitely not “in” at the moment for casual wear like it was last year. Thanks for a great post!

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