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How Do You Take Your Coffee?

street-style-coffee-to-go-4Somewhere between manic Mondays and obsessing about latest fads in town, a little trend, that’s got nothing to do with fashion actually, crawled its way right into our posh little sleepy mornings lives. Coffee to go. When the sartorialist did a post on ‘If you’re thinking about coffee?’ I had an epiphany… When the hell did coffee to go just become the new attention whore in town? Seriously now, that cute little plastic cup is seen in more and more street style pics, and we are just as guilty as the next fashionista for this morning social movement. We all love and drink coffee, and have carried our cups around town more than once, so the question is then… How do you take your coffee? coffee-to-go-streetstyleAfter those too much fun weekends I guess the best thing about a new working week is that coffee break we all have. After this weekend the best thing about my coffee right now is its temperature: Hot/Warm. Due to excessive talking and some other guilty pleasures on the side, I ended up with the worst laryngitis, witnessing my voice turn from a rather sexy raucous, to a cartoon character’s funny voice, and now to no voice at all, having to whisper my way out of all situations. Yeah. It sucks while being funny at the same time. Thank God for warm coffees and tees and morning drinks we all love to sip around on, until late afternoons. street-style-coffee-9street-style-coffee-to-goI swear the best thing about mornings is that strong double coffee, with loads of milk and sugar… Just the thought of enjoying one, while scrolling through my FB or Twitter news feed, or on the hunt for new writing topics – is the best part of my day. And now, that this cute little bitch became the new diva in town… we gotta love it more. And not dis it for empty hands in those street style pics.

Anyway… as we settle in our Monday, with the excuse of this coffee trend I thought we’d get a little fashion inspo for the week to come. xoxo coffee-break-streetstylestreet-style-coffee (2)street-style-coffee-1street-style-coffee-2street-style-coffee-3street-style-coffee-breakstreet-style-coffee-break-2street-style-coffee-break-4street-style-coffee-break-12street-style-coffee-to-go-1street-style-coffee-to-go-2street-style-coffee-to-go-3street-style-coffee-to-go-5street-style-coffee-to-go-6street-style-coffee-to-go-7street-style-coffee-to-go-11street-style-coffee-to-go-12street-style-coffee-to-go-breakAnd the best part about this new accessory edible trend is that it goes with anything. Ha! Imagine if you’d have to coordinate your outfits to the way you drink your coffee? What?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Take Your Coffee?

  1. In a mug. In the morning. On my patio. In Southern California. Bathed in filtered sunlight. From eucalyptus trees. When kids and husband leave for the day ❤ #life'slittlepleasures
    LOVE your blog. Bravo ❤

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