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Braids: One Hair Trend. Infinite Styles.

braidsBehold. The gurus of fashion & hairstyles have officially declared braids the biggest hair trend for 2013 Fall. And probably 2014 Winter, Spring & Summer. Surprised? Well… not really to be honest, because if you ask me, braided hairstyles have never quite left the spotlight. And I wonder why? Could it be because it’s such an effortless way to swing between hairstyles and looks? Or are we again dipping into the childhood memories we still, can’t let go of? So what if we’re in our 20s, 30s or even 40s, who says we can’t still braid the shit out of our hair in the most fun ways possible?

OK, so the braided hairstyles are IN, with so many ways to do this trend, one question still lingers. Can you braid? Or at least can your friends braid? Except for the classic style, I can’t braid for shit. Thank God for my 2 friends, Cristina & July, who master this art at its perfection, and can replicate any crazy idea I have. briaded-hairstyle-fall-2013-trendbriaded-hairstyle-blake-livelybraids-2013-trendWhy is this hairstyle so coveted, though? Well, for starters it has to do with the effortless vibe it sends (it’s not that easy to do but it sure looks like it is) and second it’s about the infinite hairstyles you can get. Not to mention the creative side it holds. From simple braids, high, low, messy, sleek, structured, to the craziest most intricate braids, this hairstyle is perfect for just about any occasion. Celebs are rocking this trend on both the red carpet as in everyday life. Designers chose this hairstyle in their 2013 – 2014 fall winter collections… so why sit aside on this one, girls? briaded-hairstyle (2)briaded-hairstyle-trendStart braiding! It’s boho-chic, it’s Spanish style, Russian style, gypsy style – and it looks amazing. Hair up or down, sleek or disheveled, messy, curly, or wavy – braids are the perfect way to spice up your looks. Not to mention how fabulous it all looks with statement earrings and bold lips! That’s it! I’m gonna try this hairstyle over the weekend. I smell heavy youtube braids tutorials watching! 🙂

One of my favorite celebs always nailing the Braids Trend is Kourtney Kardashian & Jessica Alba. Perfection! kourtney-kardashian-braidsbriaded-hairstyle-jessica-albaLet’s get some more inspo… braided-hairbraided-hairbraids-stylebriaded-hairstylebriaded-hairstylebriaded-hairstylebriaded-hairstyle-amanda-seyfriedbriaded-hairstyle-boho-chicbriaded-hairstyle-fishtailbriaded-hairstyle-jennifer-lopezbriaded-hairstyle-kim-kardashianbriaded-hairstyle-lindsey-lohanbriaded-hairstyle-look (2)briaded-hairstyle-short-hairbriaded-hairstyle-sidebriaded-hairstyle-simplehairup-braidshair-trend-briaded-hairstylehair-trend-braidsSo… you loving this hair trend or what?

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