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pink-coat-autumn-trendGlitter, sparkles and anything pink comes with the territory of being a girl, right? You don’t even need to be one of those ladies with a passion for fashion, cause you’re still guilty as charged for the pink crush, from back in your childhood days, when draping yourself in pink & glitter was the best thing ever. So if fashion trends get inspired from all sorts of weird things, why not speculate on women’s inherent girly personas, right?

That’s what I thought. Besides, in this fashion trend amalgam of all grunge punk black rocknroll stuff, a bit of unicorn love was bound to happen. Actually this pink comeback is kinda refreshing. The sight of a pink coat over… whatever basically has got enough retro/ladylike vibe to last us a lifetime. pink-coat-2013-autumn-lookBut could we have foreseen the Pink COATS Trend for 2013 – 2014 Autumn/Winter? Grunge wise: no. Punk wise: yeah… a little bit (think neon pink). Retro: now you’re talking. 50’s & 60’s retro looks are making quite the comeback this season, just remember Mulberry’s fall 2013 collections. Those pink dusted soft cozy understated rich, and uber feminine coats from their collections took me back to Marilyn Monroe days. mulberry-2013-fall-pink-coat

pink-coat-1Are all pink coats IN, though? I always say, if you love it, wear it. If you can rock whatever weird looking thing, do it.

But, for the sake of trends & looks argument let’s discuss the coat looks for this season. It’s all about shape, in a very androgynous, unflattering way, but still so feminine. While fitted coats, that hug our curves are probably still in (who’s to say they’re not, anyway?) this fall’s coat trend evolves around a more retro man-inspired shape.

V-deep plunging necklines, broad shoulders, slightly oversized, huge pockets, above the knee lengthsOR boyfriend styles. OR uber long coats, like those glam actresses form classic black and white films. Though they may not follow a woman’s line, and actually look a bit unflattering on our silhouettes, there’s something quite refreshing and irresistible about concealing and misleading the eyes. Sort of like saying: “I’m so confident I could rock a garbage bag and look hot! Who needs fitted lines when you’ve got a sexy attitude!” eva-mendes-pink-coatpink=coat-streetstylepink-coat-stylehow-to-wear-pink-coatsstreet-style-pink-coat-2In regards to HOW Pink bright to go, or not… I think it’s safe to say it’s all a matter of personal taste and what looks good on you. Personally I prefer the dusted pink tones coats, just cause I would never feel confident enough to rock a bright pink coat. It does look fab, I’ll give you that. bright-pink-coat-street-stylekim-kardashian-pink-coatWhat to wear them with? Pink Coats are extremely versatile, as they can translate to almost any look, injecting a dose of femininity and class to whatever outfit you’re wearing. pink-coats-trend-2013long-pink-coatspink-coat-street-stylecoat-trend-pinkpink-coat-street-stylepink-coatpink-coat-lookpink-coat-trend-street-stylerihanna-pink-coatstreetstyle-pink-coatstreet-style-pink-coatpink-coat-fashion-trendSo you may go Marilyn or Jackie Kennedy in soft fabrics, cashmere tops, pencil skirts, kitten heels and those huge sunglasses. OR you may go all 2013 grungy. What? Just try to don denim, leather, and tons of bling with a pink coat, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Other look options include: modern classy (think office appropriate), any-decade-retro (for example 70s: uber long pink coat over an-over-the-knee A-line dress), androgynous (high-waisted trousers, blazer, loafers) and so on.

So what do you think? Will you go for the Pretty in Pink Coat Trend? 


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