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Let’s Talk About Wedges!

street-style-wedges-ankle-bootsAnd I don’t mean sneakers or sandals. I’m talking ankle boot type wedges and variations on this style. It is autumn after all. The reason behind this post is only my current obsession with simple black wedge ankle boots. Not too high (I’m already too tall anyway) yet still baring the same leg elongation effect. You know what I mean. It’s that look – black tights, black wedges (short ankle boots or tight around the ankles) and short dresses, skirts or shorts. It can even work with skinny black jeans. Long-leg-wise? It don’t get no better, let me tell you this. wedgesNow, with the research for this article, and the post-shopping conclusions of last week – I seem to be alone in my wedge obsession. Or, a little too late. I am aware of the fact that this shoe trend or look is been there, but has it done that? Already? Shite. Just when I finally saw its potential. Yeah, I couldn’t stand wedges when they were super hot, a while ago. Now, when finding a simple great pair seems to be the task of the century, I adore them. Talk about being out of sync, fashion wise. Buuut, I shall not give up. We all know the cure for a temptation or obsession is to just give in. Right? black-wedges-streetstylemiranda-kerr-wedgesstreet-style-black-wedgesContinuing my disappointment turned frustration, finding photos to showcase the style I’m referring to, was as difficult as trying to act sober when you’re not. So I did end up making a few concessions and trying to see the appeal in more than simple black wedges. Hence a few statement pieces and the rest… The result: I’m still gonna be shopping for black wedges, with a tiny amendment to my conclusion – I’m also kinda loving the animal print ones. animal-print-wedgesstreet-style-wedges-animal-printcolored-wedges-stylesstetement-transparent-wedgewedge-shoes-looksstreet-style-black-wedges-lookstreet-style-wedgesstreet-style-wedges-2street-style-wedges-lookstreet-style-wedges-shoesstreet-style-wedges-winter-trendwedges-trend-2013So what is it about the thick & thin soles that I’m finally getting the hang on? Comfort & hotness, that’s what it is. Plus the illusion of supermodel legs, and the fact that they go with anything, from dresses to trousers. They can look retro (they are the epitome of 70s style after all), edgy, posh, simple. What the hell took me this long to realize? And not that it matters or anything, but are they still hot? wedges-rachel-bilson

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Wedges!

  1. Hey, better late than never 😉 I like wedges, they’re comfortable you can walk in them all day… I’m not sure about the ankle boots in general, you know it’s risky lenght.

    • Agreed! i really really love them right now, and yeah it’s both comfort and hotness in one. Perfect. About the ankle length, yeah it’s a bit risque, but that’s why i think one color wedges and tights is much better (like all black for ex): it will give the illusion of elongated legs. Thanks M xoxo

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