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How A Statement Necklace Makes All The Difference?

styling-lion-statement-neckRight now I’m totally obsessing about this Lion Statement Necklace from DistressedUK, which is no surprise coming from my part (having an incurable soft spot for all statement pieces). Some girls love their shoes, some have clothes addictions, celebs crushings, sweet cravings, perfume splurges, work hard/party hard mantras – I have a thing for statement jewelry. Necklaces to be more precise. That’s not to say I’m free of the other vices. No way. I suffer from all the above and see nothing wrong with it. 🙂

But my inability to say NO to opulent necklaces whenever I bump into them online or in shops, got me thinking: What is it about Statement Necklaces that’s so irresistible? That they are one of the biggest trends of 2013 – 2014 is already a known fact. The ‘why’ behind all this matters: they’re fabulous (extra bling, color, luxe, affordability) and can jazz up any look, translate to all styles and make any outfit look uber trendy, as if ripped out of some magazine fashion editorial. What I so hopelessly adore about the Distressed UK LIon Necklace is that it embodies all I love in a piece: massive, gold, a tiny bit of black for extra edge, it’s both luxe or glam & rocknroll. It’s super affordable. And it stands for Leo, my sign. 😉 Need I say more? distressedUK-statement-lion-necklacedistresseduk-lion-statementWhen the Distressed team asked me to style this Lion Statement Necklace 1st thing that popped to my mind was a sporty urban look: varsity T-shirt or dress, some sneaker wedges and a leather jacket. Think Rihanna. With the weekend practically here I was thinking, while this is a cool approach, why not glam it up a bit (a Saturday dinner out with friends may just turn into some club hopping). So I’ve put together for you this sporty luxe style that I absolutely adore: all black. D’ohh. Black varsity dress. Black hot heeled pumps. Black leather jacket. And la piece de resistance: the LION STATEMENT NECKLACE.

statement distressed necklace

But then it hit me. Not wearing this piece literally everywhere would be a massive waste, right? Who ever said office wear is boring clearly had never met the extravagance & sophistication of a statement necklace. My 2nd look is work & after work meetings appropriate: sophisticated, chic, yet baring the same urban coolness, courtesy of the simple white tee. What we need is: pencil skirt, simple tee, blazer, hot shoes and the lion necklace. Ta-daaa!


In fashion, experimenting can get you a loooong way, so dipping your creativity into all possible looks is a fabulous thing to do. Moving on in this amazing DistressedUK Lion Necklace styling gimmick I turned right to my initial thought: relaxed, edgy and slightly rocknroll. We are still channeling the 90s grunge after all. My 3rd look is the embodyment of clashing styles: posh dress, thick sole sneakers (or creepers) and a military jacket. Ah-mazing. Perfect for weekends!

rock glam

And how could I not style the LION Statement Necklace with motorcycle boots (these are rather punk but the point has been made) and ripped boyfriend jeans. The top pulls it all together while the necklace adds that glam rock edge to it. Love it.

glam necklace

4 looks, 1 necklace. The wonders a statement piece can do. And just for the fun of it (cause who needs more fashion reassurance right now?) I’ve made up some collages to showcase how this LION Statement piece would so work on ANY of the street style fashion savvies out there. distressed-statement-jewelrlion-statment-necklace

Get the look here

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