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Why Being In A Loop Is So Cool?

diamond-hoop-earrings (8)Continuous circles and hoops dangling with utmost sophistication dignified of a sartorial connoisseur, have been embellishing our ears ladies, for the past 30 decades (well actually more, but that’s another story) The hoop earrings, a symbol of that kitsch and glamorous ’80’s disco funk era, never once left the spotlight. In the ’90’s every girl with a penchant for fashion combined these uber glam meets bad-ass jewelry pieces with her grunge style. They are a safe ticket to looking en vogue without showing a slightest effort. I mean let’s be honest here, they are indeed the most simple yet sophisticated way to nail a look just like that. From morning to evening, from office to red carpets women are donning the hoop look like crazy. Could it be because they are the epitome of exoticism and sex appeal in that nonchalant casual way? Or could it be because they flatter every face shape, hairstyle and go on every occasion. If you’re looking to make an understated style statement, that is. Does this make sense? I suppose it’s a case of all the above and so much more. Women of all ages and fashions can wear these, with the hoop earrings’ styles being a dime a dozen. From super simple, thin closed circle golden or silver pieces, to uber thick, engraved, oversized pieces – these earrings have it all. Urban. Glam. Latina look. Posh sophistication. Simplicity. Effortlessly cool. But the question is, just how versatile are they? Can you don hoop earrings as fine jewelry? And if so… how far can you go on the glamour & opulence? diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee (3)diamond-hoop-earrings (15)A while ago I was telling you about the fine jewelry & diamond brand Anjolee, and how when meeting them, I again fell (hard mind you) over some jewelry pieces: the diamond hoop earrings. Have you seen them? Yeah they may not be the go-to-look for an 8 am tube ride, but they do melt any girl’s heart. Ah… Marilyn might have said it before, and every now and then, it sorta stays true (no we’re not superficial little fashionistas, we just know a good bling when we see one, that’s all). Anjolee’s hoop earrings come in the most luxurious styles ever, embellished with fine stones, sparkling diamonds and gems of all sorts. From the classic circles to more edgy styles, in silver and gold – these earrings are perfect for a cocktail event, a red carpet kind of look, a black tie, especially if you’re looking to turn more than just a few heads. The best past about diamond hoop earrings is that you needn’t worry about the rest. Forget necklaces, or bracelets. A ring, a drop dead gorgeous outfit and smile are enogh of extra accessorizing alongside the hoops. diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee (4)diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-11diamond-hoop-earrings (2)diamond-hoop-earrings (3)Sofia Vergara Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee (5)Now you know me, how every now and then I get a little carried away, and like to be over the top… well this time it’s no exception. Not when we’re talking my all time favorite earrings: Hoops. I do wear this style about 3 times a week, just because it’s super easy and causal yet enough of a statement and extra glam. The uber glamorous Anjolee diamond hoop… now these, I confess I would wear almost anywhere. Well maybe not at 8 am, but at 12… Posh lunch anyone? Hoop earrings may be the easiest way to turn a look into a street style kinda pic, should you be stopped and asked to pose. And are you surprised? Let’s play a game: pick a dress, or top and bottom, a bag, shoes and your own spin on hair and makeup. Now wear hoop earrings. Ta-daaa. Told you it would look fantastic.  diamond-hoop-earrings (9)diamond-hoop-earrings (10)diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee (6)diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-1diamond-hoop-earrings (11)How To Style Hoop Earrings & When To Wear Diamond Hoop Earrings?

Errrr… hello. Anywhere. Still for the less adventurous ladies out there, the hoop earrings can be their go to statement piece for a night out, a dinner and drinks with friends. If wearing them in plain day makes you a bit self conscious, put them in your bag and on your way out from work, and dinner with the girls put them on.They look absolutely fantastic with a crispy white office shirt, a silky top, a dress, a blazer or a leather jacket. If you’ve got big wavy hair, go disheveled for a wild rebel look, or keep it classy with a top knot. As any jewelry pieces, hoop earrings too come in so many styles, so it;s basically just a case of you finding the right one for you. Thin gold or silver styles in smaller size circles are perfect for an all-day wear. If you love a statement piece (think Rihanna style) you’ve got plenty to choose from.  diamond-hoop-earrings (6)diamond-hoop-earrings (12)diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-2diamond-hoop-earrings-anjoleediamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-3But what if you’re a over 30 – 40 year old woman, or just a girl who adore fine quality? Can you don the diamond pieces everywhere? If they’re small…. I would adventure onto saying yes, though it;s a matter of personality and choice. However the best occasion for wearing diamond hoop earrings has got to be to a special event, party, cocktail, dinner etc. They add just the right amount of sophistication, of chicness and why not over the top feature, if you’re into extravagant fine jewelry. For some inspiration ladies let’s check out some of the street style pics and celebs donning diamond hoops on the red carpet… And now let’s sight 🙂 diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-9diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-8diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-7diamond-hoop-earrings (7)diamond-hoop-earrings (14)diamond-hoop-earrings (16)diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee (2)hoop-earrings (2)hoop-earringshoop-earrings-streetstylerihanna_tumblrrihanna-hoop-earriingdiamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-4diamond-hoop-earrings-anjolee-6

6 thoughts on “Why Being In A Loop Is So Cool?

  1. I’ve always loved hoop earrings. I’m not as crazy about those huge ones but I feel that a simple hoop is kind of the perfect shape for everyone. I love that image with the hoops and the fedora!

  2. I simply adore the hoop earring! I have a pic of my mom when she was pregnant to me wearing a pair of large gold hoops with her hair tied back in ’76. She looked effortlessly chic and bohemian in one shot. The hoop is an essential to every girl’s look….Personally, I think the more bling-y a hoop is the smaller the better, a large hoop looks better when it’s clean and simple.

  3. I need to start wearing all my Spanish vintage hoops!! They can bring a very sexy look to the face 😉 However, keeping it simple with the rest of the jewelry is a good idea, in order to avoid a tacky look.

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