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Let’s Talk Wide Leg Trousers! YES or NO?

wide-leg-pants-street-styleOne day Miss Fashion had a thought: ‘‘Let’s play a game – How to look like hobos, it’s called.” And so the Wide Leg Trousers Look was born. Now I know most of you will be like what the hell is wrong with her, but in all honesty the hobo look was always the 1st thing to pop in my mind when seeing wide leg trousers. With the passing of time and my fashion maturity reaching a posh level (bitch please) I am now (sort of) reconsidering my impulses and can somewhat spot, beyond the shapeless look, a sophisticated style, super haute couture resembling and very chic I might add. When done right. But how to do it right? Now that is the question. Before proceeding to styling tips and figuring out which look fits who best, let’s get one thing straight: wide leg trousers are a thing of the 70’s, so that may be the reason why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (gulp). ABBA outfits anyone? Still, as always, there are 2 sides of the story, so while wide leg pants are borderline silly (sorry couldn’t help it) and homeless chic, they can also do some fashion tricks that might just leave you ashamed for flipping the bird on them, in the first place. They elongate legs, make a tiny waist, correct body types and proportions… But the plot thickens and if you think this look is pfff so easy, think again sister! Wide leg trousers may be just that: trousers with wideER legs, but how wide? What fabric? Type of waist? My favorite ones are the chiffon flowy styles in one color. I love the all-white or all-black looks. Cropped top and a clutch to go please. Ah… I think we need a debate on all this WIDE LEG TROUSERS Look… wide-leg-pants-cropped-topshort-wide-leg-trousersHow to nail the WIDE LEG look?

Everyone’s free to go their own way, d’ohh, but I’ve noticed there are 2 looks that make true justice to the wide leg trousers.

  • cropped tops & high waisted wide leg trousers
  • tucked in tops in high waisted wide leg trousers

In both cases you can wear heels, wedges or even flat shoes if height is not an issue for you. The fitted/structured look of the top is in perfect balance with the wide elongated bottom, so it’s all about your figure architecture, and visuals. For crispy mornings, or for autumn (since it is around the corner) don a blazer or cropped jacket on top. It will look super chic. For a more polished look, wide leg silky trousers look amazing with a silky blouse or shirt. It’s a very posh-office-style. Think rich editor-in-chief going to lunch. If you keep it monochromatic it will add so much drama and sophistication it’s irresistible. Classic pumps and a statement necklace look best with this style. Another plus on the Wide Leg trousers look (my my… I’m getting the face slap with these pluses, and again stand corrected. Ha! that’s what having fashion preconceptions can cause you, so there you go) – is its versatility. From autumn to summer, from morning to evening. Which brings me to a Wide Leg trouser look I can never resist: all-black outfit, silky wide leg trousers, and a black bare back top. For a cocktail party. Golden jewelry and red lips. It don’t get no better. 208738_980chiffon-cropped-top-wide-leg-trousers-lookred-wide-leg-trousers-looktrends-wide-leg-trousers-streetstyle4se12all-black-wide-leg-trousersred-carpet-charlize-theron-wide-leg-trousers70s-looks-wide-leg-trousersstreetstyle-wide-leg-pantswide-leg-pants-stylestreet-style-wide-leg-pantswide-leg-jeans-stylewide-leg-pants-lookParis Fashion Week September 2011wide-leg-trousers-all-white-lookwide-leg-trousers-street-stylewide-leg-trousers-styleAnother look I can work with… is the summer look of the wide leg trousers: printed chiffon fabrics, low or high waist, flat sandals, retro sunglasses. Think chic beach style in Capri, Italy. I know… let’s sigh… Back to reality! BANG! This trousers style is after all 70’s inspired so the Charlie’s Angles look (think office) is kinda cool. Structured, long, suit style wide leg high waisted trousers in solid yet muted colors (browns, greens, purples) that are super fitted on the waist and bum, and then fall straight along the leg, as if they’re made of a super heavy fabric. To channel your inner 70’s DIVA, always go for platforms, and accessories. For a casual style don simple t-shirts tucked in, and for work, or more polished looks go for pussy-bow inspired tops. streetstyle-wide-leg-chiiffon-trousersstreet-style-wide-leg-pants (2)021-lfw-3_10102612030470s-style-trousersOlivia Palermo with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl attends the Mango fashion showAnd then there’s the hobo look. Super wide leg trousers, a bit too short, bulky shoes, and slouchy tops. Add a massive coat or blazer and you’ll definitely be channeling a homeless. Well not really, cause probably all those street style pics of models off duty in these looks, are courtesy of high end brands. And when your work is about looking polished and put together at all times, I guess they just don’t give a fuck how they look in between shows or off duty, so kudos for the attitude. fashion-trends-wide-leg-trousersstreet style seconds fashion style and go2super-wide-leg-trouserswde-leg-jeanswde-leg-trouserswide-leg-pantawide-leg-trousers-streetstyleAll in all it is a look that keeps coming and going from the spotlight, but if you love it, rock it! xoxo 🙂

18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Wide Leg Trousers! YES or NO?

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    • really? wow ii thought i was the only one not really digging these, feel better now 🙂
      and I agree olivia is always looking fantastic! some styles i actually love, but don;t really think i’d wear them yet.
      Thanks zoe xxx

      • Nooo, you´re not 😀
        It looks good on the pics you´ve chosen because the people are confident with it… that´s the best thing about fashion (or music, or art…..): Tastes differ and i love seeing people who express their mood or attitude with fashion in various ways!

  2. Okay here’s my take.I love a wider leg pant with a fitted top, I think it’s a great look but you do need to be careful not to look frumpy. I’m not crazy about those baggy jeans with a baggy top. A beautifully tailored outfit, looks wonderful!

    • no way, a lot of women and girls adore them. I like them, not love them, but that’s just cause i don;t look that good in them, or haven’t yet found a style to like… who knows, i’m always switching between trends and fashion looks…so, time will tell. Whatever u love, rock it!! xx

  3. Love wide leg trousers when they are super tailored and polished. However, I’m not really a big fan of the crinkly-wrinkly look sported in some of the pics included. Thanks FT for posting the looks.

    • ur so welcome! i too am a fan (slightly) of the super tailored looks in wide legs. it is a big look this season, but i’m still on the trying it out phase. i think it’ll stick at one point, just have to find the perfect pair of trousers Thanks xxoxo

  4. I’m so glad I found this post (months late! and through Pinterest – when I was searching ‘wide leg trousers’) I love all of the looks you featured! I’m a huge fan of the wide leg with a high waist, and fitted top (and had no idea there was such dislike out there!) .. I’m 5’3 , size 2, with really short legs and a long torso — you would think that I could wear skinny pants – but for the life of me, I can’t! My legs look like tiny little stubs! So many stores in the past few seasons pretty much only carry skinny pants– dying to find some stores that carry wide leg trousers (thus the pinterest search!) Thanks for this post– bookmarking it now!

    • thank you sooooo much!!!! means so much to me, i’m so glad you liked it. Yeah I think the best part about today’s fashion is that all seems to be in, and it’s more a matter of personal style, what fits you best and how you mix and match it, than trends per se. Kisses xoxo

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