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Summer Must-Haves: What To Buy & What To Pack For Holidays?

998819_520425208011782_901690661_nThough the hasty reply would be EVERYTHING d’ohhh, there is a luggage limit and only so much you can wear on your summer holiday. So let’s not give in to our fashion victim impulses, but rather use the oh-so-boring (but useful) logic on this one. With summer at its peak and all of us going or coming from some exotic place, today’s topic is spot on. For me at least, with my summer getaway 2 weeks away. Aside from the sheer panic I get (what to pack, what to buy, how many dresses, should I make my outfits from home or just go with the flow) I literally cringe at the thought that I will pack what I hate and leave home what I love. Idiotic, I know. Breath now, and let us take one step at a time. Every summer holiday requires a list and a shopping therapy. And when you get to that packing point, remember light is the way to go, stick to the minimal, and jazz it up with accessories, rather than tons of clothes that will never see a ray of light. I know… easier said then done. It’s a promise I always break, and I blame it all on excitement. Same excitement that has me spending like there’s no tomorrow on clothes and fashion bits. And who am I kidding with this mantra I-swear-to-not-go-shopping-this-week, when a heaven of retail therapy is right at my fingertips. And nothing beats the feeling of coming across that one brand that has it all. Love at 1st sight, that’s what it was with me and Bonprix. I know the brand for quite some time, but summer holiday wise… they had me at those beach dresses. A few hours and tons of clicks later I was an addict. Ah… can we have it all and pack light then?b5f56ee6006ed302aae40d5f4ece7e02Why Bonprix? Easy peasy: shopping from the comfort of your home uber trendy yet classic pieces to last you more than 1 summer. Quality & prices are amazing, and there’s something for each age, style or look you wish to nail. Yeah the clothes are not your latest funky edgy shit, but classic does it sometimes and a bit of twist is after all a fashion challenge you can take on. Can’t you turn a simple white dress into a eye-popping latest fad? I thought so too. Bonprix’s shop was a true fashion heaven for me: capri trousers, bermudas, maxi skirts, mini skirts, dresses OF ALL KINDS, swimsuits, bikinis, cover-ups, tops, shoes… and a million ways to style them. From bright colors to your classic black and white, solid hues or prints, beach wear to evening laid back exotic islands outfits – Bonprix was just what I needed to quench my shopping thirst. Sure it did more bad than good on limiting my packing list, but you can’t have it all, can you? And it’s always better to have a cool brand on your side and tons of choices than none. Know what I’m saying? Have a look yourself (click here to shop). 1013134_520451644675805_1534241798_nWhat are the best summer staples and what to shop and pack for a summer getaway? Let’s try the impossible now and pack light. I’ve made some Bonprix collages for you for fashion & shopping inspo, so let’s dig in 🙂

  • Bikinis
  • Cover-ups
  • Dresses
  • Shorts
  • Tops
  • Skirts
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry & Clutches & Bags

Bikinis. Now these you can pack loads, as you’ll probably need more than one or 2 pairs. Keep in mind that mismatched bikinis are still making headlines as swimsuits latest trends, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can pack a monochromatic swimsuit (I always go for black) and a super colorful, wild printed one, and mix and match these for days in a row. Bandeau bras & fringes are super hot in 2013 summer, so you can get one of these crazy tops to jazz up your look. For a classic with a twist beach/swimsuit look go for one piece swimsuits. Yeah they’re back and nothing beats how sexy they look with a bit of bling (think golden earrings) and a hat. bikinis-bonprix-2013-summerbonprix-bikinis-trend-2013Cover-ups. You can’t leave home without these. Long or short, simple or funky they hide out our tiny imperfections (what?) and look super posh and luxurious. Throw in some accessories and you’ll be channeling your fave celebrity. summer-dresses-must-haves-bDresses. When it comes to summer holiday staples nothing beats dresses. I say you can only pack dresses, cover-ups and bikinis. That way who needs tops, bottoms or the inherent fashion headaches that come with styling. Any dress can be styled for absolutely any occasion, all you have to do is switch shoes and add accessories. Long or short, a dress is beach appropriate if it’s got thin flowy fabric, and you wear it with flip flops. Same dress can look fab for dinner by the beach, with some posh sandals and a clutch. A summer maxi dress is super versatile and can be a winning ticket for so many occasions on holiday. So can a little white dress, or black dress, a printed one and a mini bodycon one if you’re planning to go dancing. However if you’re packing tops and bottoms as well… limit yourself to 4 dresses. 2 for evening and 2 for daytime that can b dressed up or down. Pack a funky clutch and some posh flat sandals (advice: leave heels at home, unless you know 100% you’ll need them). beach-dresses-bonprix-summedresses-bonprix-summer-vacasummer-dresses-bonprixsummer-party-dresses-bonpriTops. I’d probably go for 4 or 5 tops: 2, 3 for evening and the rest for daytime, though I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never wore tops on summer holidays in daytime. Ever. I’ve lived in a bathing suit and a cover up in the daytime and dresses or shorts & tops in the evening. So I’d go with tops that you can adapt from morning to evening and not more than 4. tops-for-summer-bonprixShorts & Trousers. Cutoffs!!! I love these and they will always be so rocknroll and super chic wherever you go. Amazing for the beach with just your bikini top or for evening with a sophisticated top on and a trendy clutch. If however you love trousers pack: capris, cropped trousers, linen ones, slouchy styles, bermudas in light colors that go for both daytime as well as dinners by the beach or dancing nights. summer-trousers-for-women-2women-summer-trousers-bonprSkirts. Not a fan of them on holiday I’ll be honest, just because I’d rather go for dresses or cutoffs. Buuut… a tiny skirt or flowy maxi skirt can fit in there so what the hell. Go for it. beach-skirts-summer-2013Shoes wise: flip flops, flat sandals, wedges… and I say just in case pack one pair of heels, though chances are you’ll never wear them, but better safe than sorry right? shoes-to-pack-for-summer-hoThere, this wasn’t that hard, was it. I’m kinda getting the hang of it. Truth is no matter what your style is, or how much you’re packing for your summer getaway, it’s worth browsing for a few fashion bits at Bonprix, if not for everything then at least for their dresses. Ah… And yeah… I’m gonna say it: my summer holiday staples (except for bling & shades) are a cool swimsuit, cover-ups, cutoffs and dresses. Maxi dresses to be more precise. 

And now let’s sigh dolls as we browse through Bonprix Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Pintrest 


3 thoughts on “Summer Must-Haves: What To Buy & What To Pack For Holidays?

  1. I have been shopping online from Bonprix for 5 years now and I love it! I love their style, the variety from trendy to classy and from elegant to casual and the prices ofcourse! 😉 This year I got most of my autumn/winter essentials from there =) We are always on the same page it seems 😛 xoxo

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