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Are Diamonds Still A Girl’s Best Friend? The Bradford Exchange Jewelry Brand Makes Us Think So…

marilyn-monroe0diamondsAs a kid, my mom used to always tell me a woman needs to own at least one proper exquisite fine piece of jewelry: a ring, a pair of simple earrings, a pendant or necklace, but growing up I strayed a bit from this advice and embraced the bling bling invasion out there, courtesy of tiny shops, high street brands, and whatever glitters and is for sale. But her tip stayed with me, and as I push through the years I find it more and more applicable, despite my  inherent dismissive character towards any parental advice. And if we should need a more ‘qualified’ opinion, there’s always that famous Marilyn Monroe quote professing her love for diamonds. Ah… Sure the one-night-stand-bling-affair may be so fantastic for a night out with your friends, but let’s face it dolls… in terms of refinement and elegance, nothing will ever top  an exquisite simple ring, necklace or bracelet. Do not roll your eyes on me just yet (price wise). Fine rich looking jewelry is an investment, or may be a gift from or to someone loved, it can mark and celebrate an occasion – so you won’t be throwing quids all over the place everyday. Well… unless you’re one of the famous faces out there. Where did my crush over fine jewelry come from? I’ve met a brand that just had me at their 1st ring. It was a YES for sure, and discovering all their brilliant other pieces simply confirmed I have a knack for spotting the best and finest out there. The Bradford Exchange Jewelry brand is guilty as charged on this one. Founded in the 1970’s in USA, it has decades of tradition, artistry and innovation behind, and today it stands as one of the best brands out there in terms of finest limited-edition collectibles, dolls, figurines, home décor, apparel, and of course fine jewelrybradford-exchange-jewelryTheir online shop – The Bradford Exchange Online – is a heaven for all jewelry lovers and to be honest with you a great place to browse and shop for unique pieces for any occasion. From Mother’s Day, to fun gifts, to marking moments in one’s life, to engagement and wedding rings, they have it all. The stunning women’s ring jewelry (click here), will have you sigh, though… Refined, elegant and lavish they come in all shapes, sizes and truly fit any pocket. The shop is easy to browse through, has loads of categories, so you’ll be finding the perfect piece in no time. Not to mention you can personalize it all with a few clicks, to your own taste or occasion. The styles and materials in women’s rings are a dime a dozen from birthstones, to diamonds, sapphires, gold, sterling silver, Swarovsky crystals, crystals, rubies, emeralds, onyx... For every person in your family (daughter, son, wife, husband, father, mother), and in all possible themes (from the classic wedding day to a fun football theme). Let’s just have a look before we share some styling tips on how to wear & pick your jewelry. diamond-rings-bradford-exchWhat I most love about their pieces is that they range from pure simple beautiful ones to the most intricate & edgy designs, cuts and colors. Though I’m a big fan of anything gold (just cause it looks good with my complexion) I have to say the silver sterling pieces are to die for. I absolutely fell head over heels for the rubies rings & the emerald ones. Hell I love all precious stone rings. I just think nothing compares to such a piece on a woman’s finger. It gives class, sophistication and utter elegance. And even if you’re not the classic type, you can still choose a unique cut of the stone, play around with colors, engravings and sizes (personally I like big rings, just cause I feel they’re enough to dress up and glam any look). Unless you’re picking your wedding rings, I’m all for over-the-top, one-of-a-kind pieces that make a style and elegance statement.gold-diamond-ringsHow To Choose The Perfect Jewelry?

I always dismiss rules of any kind with a shrug of my shoulders, because I truly think if it looks good and you love it – wear it, cause at the end of the day it’s all about the attitude and confidence. Still, when shopping for fine jewelry it’s better to be safe than sorry. So there might be a few itsy bitsy tips on picking the right piece.

  • warm skin tones look good with golden metals & stones, opposite to cold skin tones that best wear silver & diamond pieces. But if it looks good, it probably looks great on either skin tone.
  • Earrings: heart-shape faces look great with long, chandelier, drop down earrings. Long faces should stay away from long earrings as they will elongate the face even more. Round faces can wear drop down earrings for making their faces appear longer. Stud earrings look amazing on any face type when hair is pulled back.
  • Rings: long fingers can wear thicker rings, bold styles, while short fingers are best complimented by thin classic rings.
  • Necklaces: thick chokers look great on heart shape faces and long necks. Tall women should avoid long necklaces, which best compliment shorter girls, yet for extra razzmatazz and fashion confusion play with layers. It looks fantastic.
  • Bracelets: thicker wrists should stay away from cuffs and bold styles. Thin classic pieces compliment all women.

anne-hathaway-stud-earringsToday’s trends are all about statement pieces and piling on jewelry, yet when you pick a fine piece you have to have in mind at least 2 things: the occasion and the person’s style. When picking stunning women’s ring jewelry, classic may be the safe road. It is an investment and it does last forever, may be given to generations to come, so why not make a classic timeless choice with a luxurious lavish gift. women-jewelry-ringsHow To Style Stunning Women’s Jewelry?

Due to their elegant style and cut these pieces are timeless and versatile, so regardless of your own style or outfit they blend in perfectly and give a rich understated luxe glam vibe to your look. Even a plain white tee and ripped jeans will look super posh with your stunning jewelry ring on. Remember red lips & hot heels for extra hotness 😉 gold-jewelry-stleyjewelry-street-stylenecklace-lookwomen-fine-jewelry-bradfordwomen-watches-bradford-exchAnd of course such fine jewelry shines best at cocktail parties or black tie events, paired with a little black dress. Take some notes from celebs on the red carpet. It’s not for nothing they don those fantastic diamond rings or necklaces. stunning-women-ring-jewelryOpening Ceremony And 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festivalpearl-earringswomen-ring-jewelrySuch jewelry is most definitely the definition of pure elegance and refinement and it does compliment any woman & style, making her look ravishing in that precious stone ring or stunning jewelry necklace. It’s a subtle yet authentic display of sophistication & elegance.

For more stunning women’s ring jewelry check out: The Bradford Exchange Online shop | Twitter | Facebook 

9 thoughts on “Are Diamonds Still A Girl’s Best Friend? The Bradford Exchange Jewelry Brand Makes Us Think So…

  1. As much as I love all things sparkly and fun I’m in agreement with your mom. Every woman needs at least one beautiful piece of classic jewelry!

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  5. as the proud enviable owner of two vintage diamond ring’s i have this to say so many idiotic young women ask me all the time did you like sleep with a guy in order to get your diamond ring’s i alway’s politely and nicely reply no they belonged to my two respective great grand mother’s so no but thank you for asking though

    • seriously? omg, so right to say: idiotic. Fine jewelry is definitely an investment that goes on to generations. ur so lucky to have the rings, and be able to give them to future generations. It’s one of those things that just gets better with time. So happy for you 🙂 Thanks xoxo

  6. both my grandmother’s loved fine vintage jewelry so does my mom she’s been meaning to give me pearls but i think i’ll wait for my fortieth birthday for that one their more her speed but i love anything vintage including jewelry it’s not their fault young women and girls today are still young so yeah it wasn’t their fault

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