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Ugly Shoes That Look Great!

chunky-heelsWith fashion being such a trend roller-coaster – the chunky heels, with their 70’s reminiscence were bound to have their moment this summer. When 70’s themselves are another IT trend, you know.  So it’s pretty safe to say the Chunky Heels are the heels of 2013 hot season having us all look like tiny caricatures in huge shoes. I’m sorry beloved 70’s soles, but I just think you’re the ugliest shoes ever. Yet, I can’t help but love you. Talk about toxic relations, right? Well thank God there’s nothing toxic in my love and hate mood swing over chunky heels, except probably overspending & later feeling remorseful over it. Aaaand one more thing, that’s probably at the core of my tiny dislike with these shoes (it is pretty subjective mind you) is the fact that I cannot wear too high chunky heels, cause I’m already too tall. And so I’m left with those hideous square lower heels that are just so unflattering on any legs and feet. But I will refuse to be a fashion victim and will not ever trade personal taste for fashion-must-haves. be they as posh as hell. I’ll just have to do great with what I’ve got and get used to having my head in the clouds (literally) every now and then.  chunky-heels-street-style (2)shoes-trend-chunky-heelsSo let’s get one thing clear then: LOVE them or HATE them? Cause let’s be honest nothing will ever beat hot stilettos and classic pumps. Yet… there’s just something so modern-meets-vintage and feminine-meets-bad-ass chic about these shoes that you (like I) might wanna reconsider your dismissal. Not to mention they’re killing their competition with their comfortable feature. D’ohh. Plus when it comes to styles and designs – the sky’s the limit (even per se… I mean have you seen some of those heels?). All colors and non colors are in, with black chunky models completing a very classic/retro posh look, or those brown’ish shades going more on the boho-chic side, and the colored ones perfect for a shoe statement. Multi-straps, prints, leather, fabrics, colored platforms, crazy heels, color-block et all make us love these ugly suckers. Yeah… I still think some of them are really ugly, but as long as the heel is pretty high and the cut or the shape of the shoe are not too massive – I actually like some of these chunky heels. Let’s have a look at some funky chunky soles and get fashion inspired… chunky-heel-sandalschiq-shoeschunky-sandalsstrappy-chunky-heelschunky-heels-evening-shoeschunky-heels-shoeskatespade-shoesmaykool-shoesshoes-trend-chunky-heels (2)transparent-heelswomen-shoes-chunky-heelsFor the ”‘how to wear them” part, I think we’ll be safe to assume they go with everything, with one restriction: if you can, please avoid channeling a cartoon figurine who looks like they have a hard time walking. Though even so… it’s the quirkiness inside that makes us all special, right? So to answer the HTW question – these big-heels-with-platform shoes look fantastic with cutoffs, short skirts, mini-dresses (think Twiggy for inspo) and I also love what they look with skinny jeans and a slouchy top – very loose rocknroll style. If however you’ve got other styling ideas just do it, have fun with it. With all this trend invasion hitting us from all corners it’s quite easy to pick your own thing and make it personal, original yet trendy nonetheless. More street style for inspo… chunky-bue-hees-streetstylealexa-chung-chunky-heelschunky-heels (2)chunky-heels-2013-summer-trendchunky-heels-jeanschunky-heels-lookchunky-heels-shoes-lookolivia-palermo-chunky-heelsstreet-style-chunky-heelstumblr_lxtcmbBjVD1qh5xapo1_500I’m curious what’s your opinion on the chunky heels: UGLY or NOT?

photos via Pintrest & google images

19 thoughts on “Ugly Shoes That Look Great!

  1. See generally I don’t think they are ugly (and let’s be honest they are comfortable) but I think the shoe can’t look too chunky ’cause then it just weighs the leg down. So the chunkier the heel the more ‘open’ it needs to be on top (if that makes sense). I also, think the materials make a difference and the colours, they should feel airy.

    • yeah you’re right, never really thought of it like that, but it does make sense – the more feminine it looks in front the more it looks less chunky. or chunky but pretty 🙂 and yeah they are so comfortable 🙂 thanks Caroline xo

  2. For me something that I like is not ugly for sure, I see it as beautiful. It’s a matter of perception. So I think the chunky 70’s inspired sandals and shoes are beautiful but I must disagree with Caroline, that not all of them are comfy.I own a pair of sandals and each time I wear them, I feel like screaming and barely walk :))) it’s hilarious,but still love them. Twisted minded we women have!

    • haha! so true so true 🙂 i don’t really dislike them all, it’s just that being so tall and a bit skinny i’m scared of looking like a weirdo in these. so i’m a bit skeptical, but there are a few pieces out there with a great feminine-chunky balance. those i love 🙂 thanks babe! xxx

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