What’s Your… Scent?

fragrancesToday we talk scents, fragrances and perfumes. Kinda weird isn’t it? Discussing scents on ”paper”. Yet, however you look at it, fragrances (be it perfumes or scented body lotions) are part of our daily beauty routines, and each of us has a favorite scent they love to smell and ooze: sweet, fresh, bitter, or classic. Some women say they never feel completely dressed or impeccably styled unless they’re wearing a perfume. So true… That scent trail you leave behind you, as you walk by a person, or as you lean in for a kiss, a hug, a greeting – now that’s part of who you are and of your style more than you can imagine. A scent may be so much more than a lipstick color, a pair of earrings or some posh shoes, just because it triggers senses in everyone else, it turns into a memory someone has of you in the blink of an eye. Now that’s something you want to leave behind you, right? A strong deep emotion in others that sublimely defines who you are: mysterious, fun, free spirited, classy, edgy, shy, daring, or all in one. A woman can stick to one brand or one scent in her lifetime, or switch between a few every now and then. Or we could change our minds all the time, while smelling exquisitely as we leave a memory of us with whoever we meet… scents-and-kissesflowers-scentsperfume-trendsperfume-and-fashionperfume-and-fashion-1Also when it come to perfumes a whole new world unveils in front of our eyes not just scent wise but design/fashion wise. Exquisitely deigned bottles in the most elegant glamours, fun or quirky possible way that just take your breath away. Those tiny little bottles seduce us, just because there’s so much in a scent. Especially if it comes in a glam luxurious super feminine package… perume-bottlesperfumes-scents-Back to the beauty routine now: are you lovely dolls obsessed with perfumes or just prefer a subtle scent of say a natural fresh body lotion? How often do you spray on your perfume? Where do you shop for your faves fragrances? Though the whole beauty/skincare/fragrance shopping is more of a pampering therapy and a ritual we love to indulge in on a Sunday morning shopping stroll, the truth is once you’ve found your scent identity you tend to stick to it and find that super fun, easy and product-packed website that provides it all. Here’s one I think you should definitely check out – BeautyEncounter – it’s easy to navigate and shop, has a simple lovely fresh design, and it’s literally packed with all the beauty, skincare and fragrances you need. A heaven I tell you. Besides, it’s got whole sections for hair care, bath & body, home, and accessories. Not to mention all the free samples, gifts, special offers, and discount perfumes you can find here. scents-insposcentsperfumes-stylesperfumesperfumesscents-1Shopping for fragrances from this online beauty shop is like being a kid in a candy shop. You can look for the big brands, the latest scents, the famous perfumes, both men & women’s, as well as… kids’ & pets’ perfumes. Yeah you heard me right. The fragrances categories come in really handy, especially if you know exactly what you are looking for: perfumes, body lotions, Eau de perfume spray, Eau de toilette spray, big name brands etc. And the prices are… not too bad. I mean you don’t have to break the back for that Burberry perfume, but it doesn’t come free either. My favorite perfumes do come from such big brands like the aforementioned one and Carolina Herrera 212, but I’m not afraid to scent-explore. scents-and-perfumesperfumes-scents-fashionscents-body-carescent-inspirationscents-trendfashion-and-scentsperfume...What do you think – is the scent and perfume of a woman as important as her fashion and style? Does it define us just as much as our fave clothes or latest trends?  Or is it more, much more than fashion?

For more fragrances/beauty/makeup/hair/skincare check out BeautyEncounter Online shop and stay updated with their latest discounts by following them on Facebook | Twitter 

5 thoughts on “What’s Your… Scent?

  1. Scents on paper? Even stranger these scents are virtual! Had to say that. I think it’s so nice when a woman (or man) smells good. It certainly doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be strong but I don’t leave the house without a hint of perfume. There are so many wonderful scents that just when I think I’ve found my signature I find another one. Loving your choices!

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