Isabel Marant For H&M: Does It Get Any Better?

Isabel-Marant-for-HM (2)Alongside a few other high street brands, I always keep going on about, H&M is one of my all time faves. It’s the 1st shop I ever go into when shopping, or would not feel as if I’ve completed my shopping session unless I’ve strolled around it a bit. I genuinely love their clothes. From sports wear to office attire and all the edgy trendy bits we so love – they’ve got it. I just always thought of their clothes as an eclectic mix that allows me to pick just about anything and roll with it in the most effortless and chic way possible. As a brand that’s got such a huge reputation behind, H&M has always had the designer links up their sleeve and made quite the media splash every time, only to cash in at the end. Both sides actually. Who’s next in line in this H&M links gold mine? It’s none other than Isabel Marant, the French designer that to me just defines chicness. isabel-marant-and-hm-collaborationThe collection will be out this Fall, November 14 and we’ll be shopping Marant X H&M tags on accessories and clothes for both women & men. Yeah you head me gents… she’s taking over menswear too. How cool is that? I must confess I am truly looking forward to it all and expect to see an invasion of French style all over the Swedish brand, I mean you can’t beat a Parisian look and never really can you master it, unless you’re probably born or lived there for a while, so this will be a cool lesson to have and play around with. Though we’ve got no scoop on designs or sketches we do have Isabel Marant’s statement of what it’s all gonna be:

 “I am flattered by this collaboration. H&M works with the best designers, and this invitation is an exciting honor. I aim at creating something real – something women want to wear in their everyday lives – with a certain carefree style. I think this is very Parisian: You dress up, but don’t pay too much attention to it, and you still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude. Everything can be combined following one’s own instincts, and my take on fashion is all about personality.

isabel-marant-for-hmExcitement aside, what this news has actually made me realize is that more and more high-end brands are teaming up with high street? WTF? Has the world gone mad? Isn’t it suppose to be the other way around, like usually the big shots call the shots… you know what I mean? Well, truth is these fashion/financial links are hardly a reason to pity any of the sides involved. And as a new of a concept as this may seem… it is not. Over the past years, fashion has started to lose its exclusivity and it does tend to become more and more accessible. People with a love for this world can be part of it in an instant (read Social Media, blogs, free fashion shows etc). All these trigger the hunger for more and more labels, yet the regular blogger, wanna-be-fashion-face might have to starve a year to buy a Versace something. So what we have then, is a smart plan of association that will benefit all sides, and have the huge high-end names cashing in on a market segment that was ignored up to now. Let the fashion games begin! Ka-ching! isabel-marant-designs-for-hm

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