Evening Dresses: Go With The Trend OR Keep It Classic?

80d8b6035e45058801f87f91f11fd98fFor the past six months now I have been obsessed with Evening Dresses: all designs, long, short, mermaid, flowy, colored, black, white. You name it, I’ve considered it. Remember my red carpet saga a while ago? With my wedding coming in 2 months you can see where I’m coming from. Never have I imagined the questions and doubts us girls have when picking the dress, but also the same overwhelming emotions when picking the bridesmaids dresses or what our moms should wear. All in all it’s an evening dresses talk all year round. Which is perfect. Nothing to complain about, well except the almost impossible job of pleasing everyone, which let me tell you is doomed from the very beginning. There will always be that one girl who’s gonna want it all different, or who does not know what she wants, nor does she want what you want… well thank God for the sworn friendship and the millions of designs in women’s Evening Dresses. So breathe… there’s something special for everyone. But, when buying an evening dress what do you go for: TRENDS or CLASS? Do you wish to be over-the-top or rather understated elegant? Or better yet… is there a balance between these, and can we find it? evening-dresses-prosunIt’s not about the destination (well in this case probably more so, but whatev) as it is about the journey. And it was on this very evening dresses journey that I came across Persunan evening dresses fashion brand (with evening dresses per se, bridesmaids and wedding dresses, party dresses, cocktail outfits). Not to mention accessories and all-you-can-please fashion bits. So, back to our little debate… is there a trend in evening dresses, and if so, is it classy? With Persun I found just that: a sort of a balance with quite a few designs nailing it all the way. For instance, it seems to me that the fluid silhouettes & pleats are a pretty classic design, that is having a huge comeback in 2013 season. Flowy fabrics in soft creamy colors, that just hide away yet reveal a woman’s silhouette, usually tight in the upper part and then cascading into what looks like a splash of champagne. The look is definitely oozing an understated elegance. For a bit of that fashion razzmatazz you can opt for a bit of glam and glitter: embellished bodices on these Greek-style gowns, bright colors, glam hairdo or accessories… Here are a few such designs for some fashion inspo. For more Evening Dresses click here. evening-dresses-flowy-styleevening-dresses-persun-vintage-evenng-dressesevening-dreses-persunmallBest part about picking one of these Persun fluid evening dresses? The all-you-can eat feature they come with 🙂 and the million of designs they’ve got: cap sleeves, bare back, strappy back, V-plunge, around the neck, strapless. Not to mention the colors. OMG. A heaven for both those over-the-top lovers as well as for the subtle ones. From bright pinks to basic dramatic blacks or reds, and all the way to creamy whites. Which actually brings me to my next question. Is it really a fashion faux-pas to wear white at a wedding (unless you’re the bride). I have to say I love white evening dresses. The ones I found at Prosun are absolutely stunning! And you know what some of them can pass off as wedding dresses: simple, effortless yet uber sophisticated and feminine. Yeah… this should answer my question – if it can pass off as a wedding dress, you should not wear it to a wedding, unless you’re the bride. Anyway… for any other evening events I say a white’ish dress is the ultimate glamour without going over-the-top. persun-evening-dresseswhite-evening-dresses-persuFluid-effortless-evening-dresses-style aside, what do you think about those classic hot mermaid dresses. Ah… I for one ADORE them. Harder to pull off, the best mermaid evening dresses need to have a perfect simple cut and a precious fabric. I just feel like with these it’s all up to the girl wearing it to make it stand out in the most fabulous way possible. A long train and a few beads here and there will add just the right glam to it. As for the designs, though a bit more restricted, you’ve got plenty of fish in the sea: bare back, strapless, sleeveless, with straps, V-plunging or around the neck neckline… and so on. Persun delivers such designs in classic colors with a bit of edge to the style. persun-mermaid-evening-dresSo when picking an evening dress, what shall it be dolls: Trends over Class or the other way around? Do you have a go-to style for evening events? For more looks that cover all evening dresses ranges (and affordable, mind you) check out Persun Fashion Brand: Persun Mall | Pintrest | Facebook


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