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The ‘Skrillex’ Cut And Its Safe Versions. Which Side Are You On?

streetstyle-sidecut-hairstyFeels like it’s been forever since we talked hair, and today being a gloomy Monday (aren’t they all?) I felt we needed to get a bit feisty and take sides both hair wise as well as for the sake of conversation. What’s up for discussion today? The Skrillex Haircut, also going by the name of: sidecut, undercut or simply half shaved hairstyle. Though it’s not a product of the 2013, not even of 2012 actually, when it had its huge boom, this punk meets rock’n roll hairstyle was made famous by pop stars. Read Rihanna, Cassie, Kesha et all. And it was the same Skrillex look Rihanna turned into a trend, that landed her the worst haircut EVER ‘award’ just a while ago. It’s definitely not a look for everyone. Nor to try nor to love on somebody else, but you gotta give kudos to those who pull it off. It takes a certain kind of attitude and confidence, an edgy fun and funky personality and courage to DO IT. High cheekbones, full lips, tiny nose and a high forehead may also help. I’ve noticed the side shaved hairstyle looks amazing on girls with strong yet sweet face features. Oh… and then there’s the job description one might have, as a half shaved hipster look might be a little bit too much if you’re aiming to make partner at a law firm. half-shaved-hairstylesrihanna-half-shaved-hairsidecut-hairstyle-cher-lloydBut if you’re not, and your work is not fashion restrictive, would you do it? Would you be a ‘two-faced-gal‘ hairstyle wise for a few months? Well until that hair grows… Do you have to change your whole style for it? What if you’re invited to a posh cocktail dinner? Well dolls… if these questions do not frighten us, then we might just be the right candidates for this undercut. I mean you definitely needn’t change your look, but the sidecut has to complete your style. And you gotta be able to rock it on all occasions and situations. And you can. Take a few fashion inspo from the pics below. The half shaved hair does not actually look that bad, even on the red carpet. What do you think? cassie-half-shaved-haircassie-half-shaved-style'Battleship' Japan PremiereSONY DSChalf-shaved-hairstyleWhen this haircut received the award for worst hairstyle ever I have to say I was taken aback a little bit because, truth be told… I actually love it and I think – yes it’s way too risky – but it’s got edge and personality. Besides, it’s just hair. It grows back. The less courageous ones, who might either not love this undercut, or be too scared to chop their hair off, but love the sidecuts’s quirkiness found a slight compromise. Well actually 2: the side swept hairstyle & the side cornrows. I honestly think these 2 styles are a safer reinvention of the original, which is fine. I mean, take the side swept hairstyle for example – celebs have been obsessed with it on the red carpet for the past years. Had they gone extreme on this one, we would have had celebrity websites and magazines packed with the Skrillex look on say JLo or Charlize Theron… So sometimes taking the safe road on a look might be the best thing you ever do. Especially if you’ve got a case of chronic indecisiveness. Plus, you have to admit it, the side swept hairstyle is so versatile and it actually fits everyone on any occasion. It can look classy (see Jessica Alba), it can have a twist of edge, it can be cute & sweet, casual or wild. jessica-alba-side-swept-haorcandice-swanepol-side-swept-hairkristen-stewart-side-swept-hairkristen-stewart-side-swept-hair-backmiranda-kerr-side-swept-hairstyleselena-gomez-side-swept-hair70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalsjennifer-lopez-side-swept-hairrosie-huntington-whitely-side-swept-hairside-swept-hairstylesAnd speaking of cute & wild, if you want to commit to the side swept look for more than just a day/night, yet you’re not ready to say good-bye to your long locks just yet, and you’re aiming for a hipster meets cute look, you might consider the side cornrows. Not a new look in the least, but with the right accessories, makeup and style it can definitely be fashion forward. It’s got that urban wild chic side to it, that I absolutely love. Complete the look with statement earrings or ear cuffscarmeelectra-side-cornrows26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 - Arrivalsside-braidsOK so the Skrillex look is a bit too much for some, but its babies (read side swept & side cornrows) are not. As much as its controversy overshadows this look it is quite versatile and daring and might just be the perfect look if you want to make a statement. Yet keeping it safe may not be such a bad idea after all… Which side are you taking on this one?

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10 thoughts on “The ‘Skrillex’ Cut And Its Safe Versions. Which Side Are You On?

  1. I’m on the safe side. It’s a great style but the way I see it is that unless you are a super star of sorts (or in a super creative field) it’s just way too strong a statement for everyday.

  2. I had this style a few years back (2009) and I loved it. It does however come with a few issues.
    1) That regrowth. OMG so annoying, plus I had the side painted with leopard print, so the maintenance is a full time thing!
    2) People thought I was going to be violent / aggressive / a lesbian (yes really!) because I had punk hair!
    3) That regrowth.

    I would do it again. But it is a hair commitment! Lol

  3. Cassie is my favourite with this cut, funnily enough I just saw Rosario Dawson sporting this look and my first thought was, Errrrr aren’t you to old for this look. To me this cut has an age cut off point. In my opinion as you get older, its best to create the same look with pins, twists etc, e.g J Lo…

  4. I’m actually getting my hair done the ‘risky’ way tomorrow (I was looking for reference pictures to give to the hairdresser aha) I think it really just depends on your personal style, and since mine is more punk and edgy than classy I chose to have an edgy hairstyle! (also I have been wanting this hairstyle for 3 years now!)

    • omg! that is great, go for it!!!! i’m all for edgy style but don’t have yet the courage to pull this off. I’m sure you’ll look amazing and rock this new do! especially if you’ve wanted it for such a long time, it’s a definite must-do! let me know how you like it! fingers crossed babe 🙂 xoxoxo

  5. I sooooo want this haircut!! I just need to grow my hair a bit longer, otherwise it won’t stay to one side. Furthermore, I think this can work with a formal job and wear too, as you can just flip your hair over the saved side if you need to look formal. Besides if a job requires me to look a certain way I’m not sure if I would want it anyway (or if I would get it seeing I have a lipring and a tattoo on my forearm and wrist).

    • ha, so well said about the job! i agree, but then again i have a job that allows me to dress & look however i like, which is fantastic. I really love this cut too, though still too scared to chop it off 😉 but you should go for it! if you really like and you’re not scared to have a major change, i’m all for it!!! xxx

      • I’m still growing out a pixie cut (even though it reaches my chin now) so I’m not afraid of anything drastic and I’m definately going to do this when the top layers get a little longer. I’ll have to do an internship soon, so should the occasion call for it I want to be able to cover it.

  6. This was the “Tony Hawk” haircut 25 years ago. Chick’s would call me and my friends “skater fags” when we had our hair this way. Now all you hos are doing the same look. Wow, you are so “edgy” lol!

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