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Why Are We Still In Love With Marilyn Monroe?

marilyn-monroe-beauty-daytimeIf I had a quid for every time I’ve said ”ah, wish I could raid the closet of…” I’d probably be filthy rich by now, and ironically would’t need to raid anyone’s closet no more. But the fantasy’d still be there. I mean us girls have always been obsessed with what our BFFs are wearing and have, more than once, given a few thoughts about raiding famous closets, right? But what if I told you,  it’s no longer a fantasy. Yeah go ahead now… raise your eyebrow. I know I did. So what I am saying? And what does it have to do with Marilyn Monroe? Let me briefly unfold the story for you: marilyn-monroe-daytime-dres(1) with Marilyn Monroe‘s birthday coming soon I’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a post on her, as I’ve always felt, underneath all the admiration, awe and love for her style and looks, that we’ve barely scratched the surface with Marilyn’s fashion choices. All the media and the fans admiration aside – the truth is 51 years after her death and MM is STILL a style icon. Hell, I think she defines the concept of style & beauty icon. Why is that? I think she might be among the 1st products of Hollywood, and, as virgin as Tinsel Town was on that one, they nailed it. Actually they never topped it. Beginners luck or perfect recipe? Or could it be that MM is still teaching a style lesson decades later, and we still haven’t figured out how to do it? marilyn-monroe-style-fashion

(2) So we’ve got her photos and timeless dresses, but would a peak into her closet be asking for too much? Errr… actually no. Stylitics is launching Marilyn Monroe’s digital closet, making it possible to browse and shop her style for the 1st time. Wait. What? (see below a tiny glimpse of how it’s all gonna work and look like). To be honest with you (though I’m not a retro type dressing gal) I will however give it a few looks, just cause it’s Marilyn, you know. Besides I think nobody topped her in terms of makeup & the ultimate glam, so it’ll be fun chatting with other fans over her clothes, and potential style had she still been alive and young. How to get in the MM closet? Get on Stylitics and while you’re waiting for MM’s digital fashion world to come alive, built your own closet, share it and throw a few peaks into other famous fashionistas’ closets while you’re at it.  marilyn-monroe-inspiration

”It’s exciting to think about what Marilyn would be wearing if she were walking around NYC today”

Vintage-Marilyn-monroe-outfmarilyn-monroe-casual-looksI don’t know what it is about Marilyn that always leaves me speechless and lingering on her photos as if I’d be looking for the deepest most intriguing things in the world- but to me, she is the definition of beauty & style. Something about her makes it impossible for anyone to not fall in love with her. You can’t resist her charm. She’s all in one: seductive, innocent, beautiful, sexual, vulnerable, strong. One might assume her style was all white glittery tight dresses, diamonds and fur, and while that’s a true statement, and a Marilyn true image, I found her so much more appealing, human and utterly fabulous in a deux piece, capri trousers, shorts, flirty day-dresses, or oversized sweaters. With her famous pout, sultry look from beneath those perfect eyebrows, fake lashes and disheveled bleached blond hair – she had you at ‘Hello‘ probably (for more on her style click here). My favorite MM memories are those from film sets, in her room reading, laughing or on the beach. Comes to show you she didn’t need a village of stylists and artists to captivate and seduce. It was her. And that’t it. marilyn-monroe-beauty-lookMarilyn’s fashion looks over time…  marilyn-monroe-white-dress-furmarilyn-monroemarilyn-monroe-beauty-style-lookmarilyn-monroe-boots-lookmarilyn-monroe-capri-pantsmarilyn-monroe-dressmarilyn-monroe-dressesmarilyn-monroe-dress-lookmarilyn-monroe-evening-dressmarilyn-monroe-fashionmarilyn-monroe-gipsy-stylemarilyn-monroe-little-black-dressmarilyn-monroe-pink-dress-lookmarilyn-monroe-style-icon (2)MARILYN MONROE & ARTHUR MILLERmarilyn-monroe-style-iconmarilyn-monroe-sweater-lookWhen it comes to makeup she’s the queen of beauty, and to this day makeup artists and women are trying to emulate the red lips or fake lashes look. A while ago I’ve watched a video by Lisa Eldridge on Marilyn makeup and was totally blown away by how she captured the essence of those times & of what Marilyn stands for. Plus a tone of info, like what face moisturizer MM was using, or how her makeup artist loved to highlight her face as to create a heart-shape for her and all that. Marilyn Monroe-beauty-lookmarilyn-monroe-makeup-lookWith an army of makeup artists and a tone of beautiful gorgeous faces out there – there’s still one Marilyn. Not a copy in the world and a mastering in style or beauty will ever top what MM stood for, yet we’ll always use her image as a huge beauty & style reference and massive inspiration.

images via Pintrest & google images

12 thoughts on “Why Are We Still In Love With Marilyn Monroe?

  1. What a great post! There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing she was and it actually makes me sad that I can never meet her! It was her personality that made her style and beauty stand out and I’m so proud to be born under the Gemini like her hehhehe =)

    • thank you so much! yeah i think she’s beyond words, and amazing woman and still a style model after so many years! btw, if you’re a gemini it means it was/will be ur bday so: happy birthday babe!!! kisses xoxo

  2. hi,Im also a Gemini and Ihave alwes been ,a mode freak,my birthdayis an 30.05.1976.,Ilove her becouse is the greatest women on the world,she did now ,how to catch a President,my respect and admiration

  3. I know I’m REALLY late commenting on this post, but I love it! I’m definitely following this blog 🙂 But I would say we still love MM because of her vulnerability. She’s gorgeous, charming, witty, intelligent, and so, so much more. But it was her vulnerability and fragility that made us love her so dearly. There will never, ever be another like or above Marilyn. It made her so easy to relate to. I know her life story and it makes my heart break because it was so tragic! And it’s very similar to mine; we have many parallels in our lives. And most of all, she is embodies the saying that “success is nothing unless you have someone to share it with”, even though it came after her death. She deserves so much respect and it’s sad that she didn’t get it when she was alive and still doesn’t get it much now. She gets adoration, but not respect and I think she really needed that. Sorry this was such a long comment. I had so much to say – I’m a Gemini, too! LOL 🙂

    • wow, couldn’t agree with you more, so so true. I LOVE this woman for all she stands and expresses beyond that. Funny how nobody gave a damn about what she had to say during her lifetime and now the internet is packed with Marilyn quotes. Thanks so much! xoxox

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