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Fashion Trends From The Royal Court!

Today on FashionTag we meet New York city blogger Laura Diaz from Lalishion Blog (http://www.lalishion.wordpress.com). She’s a history buff taking journalism classes in NYC, has an amazing eye for all fashion/history related bits & great writing style. A huge fan of Royal fashion and Queen Isabel I of Castille style – Laura is sharing with us today a great post on how today’s biggest designers still get inspired by those times. Are we still wearing Royal clothes in the 21st century? 

Article by Laura Diaz blogger at Lalishion

The Spanish Golden Age was a historically significant period during the reunification of the Spain, that led to the discovery of the New World and the emergence of one of the most powerful empires the world had ever known. Queen Isabel I of Castille (The Catholic) was one the most powerful female monarchs that led this movement. This important period is not only historically significant, but surprisingly continues to be an inspiration for today’s fashion. Isabel_Final_2The beautiful Michelle Jenner, portrays the young Queen in the hit Spanish show Isabel. The costume design of this award-winning series portrays the period’s fashion with great detail and shows how these trends have inspired many of today’s top fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabanna. Isabel_crown_DGabannaRoyal fashion of the time exemplifies the luxury, power, and wealth of the monarchs combined with a sense of pride and delicate elegance. Most outfits were adorned in all types of jewels, pearls, and gold, and also embroidered in rich silks and exotic velvet. Because of this, all of these items have become a symbol for extreme luxury in many of today’s runways. Isabel_Gold_EmbroideryA great example of this can be seen in the Valentino black cloaks on his spring 2013 Couture Collection. These types of capes were very common in the age of Isabel and other powerful queens. Continuing with the Royal Trend, Dolce & Gabbana and Elie Saab have shown in recent collections very luxurious fabrics and materials and styles fit for the Royal Court. Fashion_CapesIn particular Alexander McQueen, whose 2013 Fall collection has been called the Royal Catholic Collection, expertly shows how these trends from the past can be as fashionable, and even futuristic, as ever. McQueen’s vision of glory, mixed with a special respect to history and the strong women who helped write it, and his trademark imagination, is nothing short from brilliant. McQueen_EmbroideryThe style of Queen Isabel I of Castile, and other powerful rulers, has clearly been an inspiration for many that will not fade away. In case you’re interested in following this great story with an eye for fashion, or if you are a big fan of international series like I am, I’d recommend you watch them.  Isabel_FinalI’d like to thank Fashion Tag for allowing me to guest post on this great blog!! Please FOLLOW HER and let me know what you thought of my post!

For more history & fashion hot topics plus great posts check out Laura Diaz’s blog and follow her at – Lalishion

5 thoughts on “Fashion Trends From The Royal Court!

  1. Thanks to Laura Diaz and u Dana Cristina for this post! is incredible acurate and fascinating! big thanks and keep going!

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