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Is The LWD Replacing The LBD This Season?

natalia-voidianova-white-dressOnce upon a time us girls saved the white dress for The Day, you know. When we’d all meet that special one and had the best excuse to drape ourselves in white (read princess attire) for one whole day. Well thank God that misconception is gone – of saving the white looks for later and only for one day. Ha! Fast forward a few decades and the same girls need no more excuses to don white in plain day and can save their own asses, thank you. Hell, we can be queens for weeks in a row without having to plan our whole lives ahead, around wearing a white dress. Fairytales and exaggerations (for the sake of a few raised eyebrows and smirks) aside, it does seem, more in 2013 Summer than ever before, that the LBD has gotten the ‘‘Bitch please, it’s my time to shine!” slap from the LWD (little white dress). Ever since the sun hit the skies this spring I keep switching between trends: a few weeks ago it was all neon, then it was all prints (floral, matchy matchy, mismatched et all), then it hit me: black & white (I’m blaming the 60’s Trend on that one), and last week I declared it a Summer in Black. What the hell is wrong with me? Well a lot. But that’s not up for (this) discussion. I’m just telling it like it is, and yes I love that it’s all changing. Fashion does tend to get into the bitchy moods, styles & looks swing. Yeah I know I’ve said that before. 🙂 Anyway let’s get on with today’s Trend Alert: Summer in White? Actually I think it’s more the Return of the LWD… What do you think?  white-dress-stylewhite-dress-trend-2013return-of-the-LWDHas it always been a fashion hit and a common thing to don a white little dress in summer? Or is the floaty little thing a fad of the 2013 hot season? Is it a comeback or a fresh new start? For the past year or so a lot of celebs have been doing the white dress for the red carpet or for going out. Same ones (pretty much) were spotted in the same non-color on the streets, off -duty so to speak. Then, a few Fashion Weeks ago designers were showing collections packed with the absence of color. And now the shops are just stacked on whites. Dresses to be more precise. And the streets are loving it. 2013-summer-trend-white-dressesboho-chic-long-white-dressgirly-white-dress-streetstyleAt first I was somewhat taken aback by this too girly goody-goody look & trend, but you know what? I could’t be more far off. I do love black and more grunge meets punk styles, I know, but… here comes the beauty of it… the white little dress is just as versatile (if not more) than the basic blacks or the funky colors. A short white mini dress might be the perfect choice for an event (hey I’m considering one for next month when I get married at the City Hall). It looks simple, classy and effortless when paired with heels. I love how a LWD looks with gold heeled sandals! I think it’s the ultimate glamour. For a bit of fun go for super colored heels. Keep the dress short, or knee length and go for skin tight designs or loose/floaty ones, depending on your style. For chilly evenings throw over a denim or leather jacket. Do not forget accessories: clutches, jewels, nails, lips etc. Spice it all up girls! blake-lively-white-dresscasual-white-dresscocktail-white-dresskim-kardashian-style-white-dresskristin_cavallari-little-white-dress red-carpet-white-dressrihanna-white-dresses-styleWhite lace dresses are having a huge comeback, but listen up dolls… you can wear them in plain day, from morning to evening without risking to look as if you’re doing the walk of shame.  lace-white-dress-edgy-stylestreet-style-white-dresswhite-lace-dresswhite-lace-dress-daytimeBasically any white dress can switch its style in a second with the help of shoes. Hot heels will make it very cocktail appropriate. Black studded ankle boots will make it look edgy, suede colored block heeled ankle boots will give it a boho-chic vibe, sandals will make it all seem summer’ish and cool, ballet pumps will make it look feminine… and so on. Pile on accessories or keep it simple to get it all completed. streetstyle-white-dress-2013streetstyle-white-dressesstreetstyle-white-dresstopshop-white-dresses-stylesummer-white-dresswhite-dress-2013-summer-trendwhite-dress-day-timewhite-dress-fashion-trendwhite-dress-hot-heelswhite-dress-lookwhite-dress-look-street-stylewhitedress-stylewhite-dress-trendwhite-mini-dress-lookzimmermanndressThe more I think about it the more I’m loving this LWD returnYou?

7 thoughts on “Is The LWD Replacing The LBD This Season?

  1. I’m in love with a bunch of these dresses! You know what, every summer I go on the search for that perfect white dress: must be lined, must have a classic enough shape but look modern etc…etc….. Then I start second guessing myself because my mom never used to let me wear white. Maybe this will finally be the year that I break out of my cycle! ha!

    • Go for it Caroline! and i totally know what u mean. I’ve never wore an all white dress, ever. Just because I felt it was too girly/goody-goody. It was always like a white skirt and smth colored (or black) But thinking about it a white dress can look so many ways, and I too will break the past habit on this one. Thanks C xo

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