FashionTag Goes To Spirit Of Summer Fair In London!

london-fashion-fairWith summer right around the corner and so many of you probably planning that long awaited by-the-beach holiday & daydreaming (guilty as charged) of sitting in the sun, by a posh pool or a blue sea in the most fab swimsuit and fashion attire ever… always with a cold drink close by (just to get us through the hot day, of course) – it’s only natural that you’re constantly on the lookout for the best shopping deals ever. You know, summer holiday fashion, and all that. It is true though that while on holiday we could care less what we throw on (yes I just said that), because it’s all about relaxing and having fun. Besides anything goes with a brown tan and rested skin. As that might be, let’s be honest dolls, we still need a couple of dresses, bikini suits, cover-ups, flip-flips, bags, fedora hats… well you get my point. So with that in mind, FashionTag honored a posh invite to the Spirit of Summer Fair held in London this weekend. Was it all in tune with the latest trends? Are we still sobbing over a few things we saw over there? Did I yet again get a fashion crush I can’t seem to shake off? I think so… london-eventbags-at-london-exhibitionvacatioclothesThough 2013 is mostly about the 60s with hints of punk here and there, it is true that Summer tends to be lighter, a bit more casual & feminine, or fair if you will. And this event was packed with just that: light fabrics, powdered colores, classic cuts and super feminine clothes that respond to most fashion tastes and tend to be more timeless. Think boho-chic diva meets romantic chic and both head off to Spain for their holiday getaway. With fab swimsuits on. I loved the ones I’ve seen at Figleaves (click here for more)! Super chic, trendy and feminine! summer-light-wardrobeblack-dress-london-fashion-fairfashionTag-goes-fashion-eventDSC_0145bags-london-fairBeing obsessed with the grunge side in everything and always seeking a bit of edge and kookiness in things, I kept my hopes intact and knew that ‘she who shall seek, shall find’. And so I did! My coup de foudre this time is called: Bottletop Bags! Yes dolls, bags made out of bottle-tops in the most ingenuous way possible, exploring all designs while keeping it super edgy. I absolutely loved the silver clutches. Picture this: black mini dress, hot heels, sleek ponytail and a bottletop silver or black clutch. It don’t get no better. Simple & sexy with a twist. Or if you’re feeling adventurous go for a big size bottle top bag, the sort type you take to the office. Just because you can. For more designs and fab bags click here – Bottletop.  bags-made-from-bottletopsbottletopbottletop=bagsbottletop-bagsbottle-top-bagsbags-bottletopbottle-top-clutchFor the classic lovers there were those timeless bag designs, in basic colors and simple cuts. Think bags I take to work that last a lifetime – Anouk (click here). anouk-bagsAnd just because it was a fashion related fair it was bound to get Trendy on us. The bags from Sophia & Matt were the cutest and most adoring things over there, with their soft colors, amazing cuts and 60s dots splashed all over them.  london-bags-fashiondotted-bagssophis-and-matt-bagsAnd last but not least the interior design section with its fantastic accessories and comfy/glam pillows, sofas and bright colors made it all worth it.  londo-interiour-design-eventlondon-design-fairspirit-of0summer-fair-london

and more pics… bagsjewellery-london-fairlondon-fashion-fair (2)spirit-of-summer-fairsummer-clothesThanks so much Julia & Raluca 🙂 xoxo

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