Rainbows & Ponytails…

hairstyle-ponytailI know what you’re thinking… what is up with this title? Crazy huh? It’s just that ponytails always make me think of fairy-tales, rainbows and all the girly stuff. And you know what? There is something very child-like about this hairstyle so I might not be that far off 🙂 So yeah… today we talk bout hair!  Every now and then a little going back to basics is the best thing to do in terms of fashion or looks, and the Ponytail Hairstyle is just that – a great way to keep it simple while looking fabulous. The Ponytail is probably the most effortless and easy hairstyle to do, and it seems to be having a huge comeback for the past years or so. Did it ever lose the spotlight though? From catwalks to street styles, to red carpet events, to fashion editorials or lazy Sundays in the park – ponytails are the stars of hairstyles. So what is it about the simple pulled back hairdo that has us all coming back for more? Or never getting enough? Besides its easiness I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it basically fits any face shape and it’s versatile. Ponytail Styles are a dime a dozen and so are the occasions you can rock this look at. Not to mention how amazing they look with great earrings (simple or statement) and great makeup (be it eyes or lips focused). Leaving the face free it forces everyone else to check out that cool back tattoo you’re rocking or those fab huge colored chandelier earrings that are so posh today. messy-ponytailWhere to don the Ponytail? You’re joking right? Everywhere! Office look: crispy shirt, silky blouse, blazer, shift dress and a high or low sleek or messy ponytail will make you look effortless and chic. Not to mention how handy it comes on those nightmare mornings when you hairstyle is the last thing on your mind, or when you barely have time to dress and have your coffee let alone tame your mane. So just pull it back! Out for dinner and drinks with friends? Why a Ponytail can complete a sassy look and make you look: girly, feminine, hot, wild, or classy depending on what you’re going for. If celebs do it on the red carpet… and they look fantastic, I think it’s safe to say we can don this hairstyle look just about anywhere and pull it off in the most spectacular way possible. ponytail-street-stylesporty-style-ponytailstreet-style-low-sleek-ponytailstreet-style-ponytailAs nothing related to fashion is ever so easy… the Ponytail too comes with its style headaches, and trust me, they happen when you got the least of time and the most important occasion. Cause yeah… Ponytails can be styled in so many ways, yet if we’re to leave aside all the drama (that, let’s be honest dolls, we kinda love, it’s part of fashion, right?) all those ways to pony up your hair are a blessing! So there’s the High Ponytail – which will probably make your neck look longer and spotlight your features. It looks amazing with natural makeup, super glam eyes or bold lips. Perfect for day & night, for the gym and office too, for that pretentious cocktail party or dinner with family it’s the easiest and most classic way to look nice and put together. For an extra fashion drama add some bling earrings, or keep it simple with tiny cute studs.The High Ponytail can be styled with your hair combed back, with a side-part, center-part, and can be sleek or messy. classic-ponytailhair-look-high-ponytailOur Greatest Team Rises - BOA Olympic Concertponytailretro-ponytailThe Low Ponytail is a slight more elegant and classic (or proper) version of this hairstyle. With a side-part, center-part, sleek or messy it goes with absolutely anything, easy to do and pull off in any situation and for any face shape. Again, glam it up or keep it simple with your kind of earrings. messy-low-ponytailponytail-styleJohn ShearerThe Messy Ponytail be it high or low – is the perfect way to get through a crazy bad hair day. Who says you need to tame your hair? Pull it back in what looks like a loose ponytail and you’ll probably get that fab boho-chic look that everyone will be jealous of. hair-trend-messy-ponytailmessy-ponytail (2)retro-ponytail (2)For a classy more sophisticated style, got for the Sleek Ponytail: luscious, healthy, straight, it’s the best way to look put together, a bit glamorous and super chic! sleek-ponytailsleek-high-ponytailFor extra inspiration check out how celebs are rocking the Ponytail look everywhere. And I mean everywhere: red carpet, dinner out with friends, mugged by the paparazzi et all. The bouncy pony look is there! Blake Lively is always going for this hairstyle on the red carpet and always looks amazing. Kim Kardashian loves the sleek ponytail look (high and low both). I’ve seen Mila Kunis looking gorgeous with it and Nicole Richie or Lauren Conrad rocking different versions of the messy ponytail style. blake-lively-messy-ponytailblake-lively-ponytai;eva-mendes-ponytailcelebrities-ponytailsjessica-alba-sleek-low-ponytailkim-kardashian-high-ponytailkimk-ponytailkim-kardashian-ponytaillauren-conrad-ponytailmila-kunis-back-view-ponytailnicole-richie-messy-ponytailBest part about the Ponytail? If you think you found a new way to don this look or invent a new ponytail style… you’re probably right. And right you are in rocking it. There are so many ways over time this look has been reinvented, and had a comeback, that it seems to never stop, so let your imagination run wild and do your own thing. BTW, did you see the bubbly ponytail?  bubbly-ponytailphotos via Pintrest

6 thoughts on “Rainbows & Ponytails…

  1. Well that’s really interesting. I never thought about pony tails and rainbows but now that you wrote it I just thought of my little pony….and while I’ve always loved pony tails (and some of those in the pics aren’t overly girly) I love them even more!

  2. I completely agree with you! When I see all those pictures, I miss my long hair but then again, when I had long hair, I never wore them in a ponytail…might have been a mistake though 🙂
    Anyways, great post!

    • haha i know what u mean, I’m thinking of cutting my hair as well, but i always get so torn btween long hair and its loads of options and the edginess of short hairstyles. let’s look at the bright side though – hair grows, so we’ll always have a 2, 3 4th go at it! Thanks 🙂 xo

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