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Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet: Best & Worst! Who’s Your Fave?

tom brady and gisele-red-carpet-met-gala-2013Not too long ago I was bitching about covering red carpet events, though nobody held a gun to my head, and now here I am, overly excited to share with you last night’s Red Carpet Best & Worst looks from the 2013 MET GALA. I know, can I be more inconsistent? I guess it just comes to show you how every now and then we get an urge to love and hate those uber expensive gowns and gossip over who nailed it or not. Nothing wrong with it. Oh… and one more thing: all that Anna Wintour raining on Vivienne Westwood‘s parade talk (read the whole story here), plus the much gossiped about Kim Kardashian & Kanye West dinner at the Devil’s residence has indeed stirred my curiosity just a tiny bit. So just to set the record straight: fashion’s guru – Anna Wintour – banned an homage to the Queen of Punk, Vivienne Westwood, on the very MET GALA Punk: Chaos To Couture edition, and to top that cherry allowed Kim K to attend after banning her last year. Wintour, I guess somebody’s got a case of vagary. Or could it be that the Triple K’s needed some fashion advice? Which is not remotely an inappropriate question given the sofa looks on both Wintour & Kardashian. The 60 year old diva probably had to wear that Chanel dress (just to spite Westwood if not for anything else) and even she could tell it will not be her style night… so ‘who shall I call to make me look less stupid‘. Ding! And so the story unfolds with a beautiful Kim Kardashian draping herself in granny prints to sort of match the sofa & curtains on a spinster’s cottage in the woods. Why Kim? Why? And those gloves? And that Angelina leg? OMG. Don’t get me wrong now, I am not critiquing her pregnant style or whatev. I think the media should just back the fuck off and stop calling her fat. She’s pregnant! But she so could have gone for another look last night… Anyway. Enough about these two. wenn20322140"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute GalaWhen a friend of mine said to me just a few weeks ago, on a shopping spree which ended in me crushing yet again over spikes and studs, that the rock & punk attire is so last Tuesday I was like talk to the hand girlfriend. (1) Contrary to what some might think, with me always dropping the trend reports all over the place, I do not necessarily feel that one should take trends literally, as much as adapt them to their personal style. (2) I tend to disagree with her on this one. OK, so we might have had just a bit too much of spikes and studs (though I honestly do not believe it) but I think they’re still IN and if this PUNK: Chaos to couture MET GALA is not a clear sign, I don’t know what is. And indeed it was a cool display of classy meets Punk on the red carpet. Did you see Madonna? Wherever you stand on that one you gotta give the woman kudos for pulling off a total punk look a la Vivienne Westwood. It was shocking and very Madonna’ish. So was the red carpet at the 2013 Met Gala invaded by PUNK fashion: mohawks, chains, studs, pins, spikes, leather, lace, black et all? I should think so… it was pretty edgy, but then again the Met Gala tends to be a bit more adventurous.  red-carpet-met-gala-2013-madonnaLet’s get our hands dirty dolls and start taking sides and cutting into fashion’s fresh ‘meat’. Who owned it? Who was desperately seeking attention? Who was OK? And who are we still debating over?

Best Dressed – 2013 MET GALA Red Carpet 

Quite a few ladies nailed it this year with my favorites being: Blake Lively in that beautiful powdered blue & dramatic black dress. The exact image of how a hint of punk can be added to a perfectly classy dress. Amber Heard in Emilio Pucci – simply stunning! Loved her hair and makeup too, actually I’m in love with this hairstyle that’s been going on for a while now: side swept/half shaved/side braided hair. Amanda totally rocked it. I guess a bit of Johnny Depp never hurt anyone 😉 Jennifer Lopez looked fabulous in her tight fitted uber sexual kinda gown, with an edgy iguana print and badass hair style. Sienna Miller went for rock’n roll as well in her white innocent classy gown topped by a grunge leather jacket and some punk’ish hair & ear accessories. Though they might have been a little too over the top I actually loved Nicole Richie‘s white dress & hair (thought it was wicked) & Coco Rocha‘s funky cool dress. Not for everyone, but she did pull it off brilliantly. Cara Delevingne was just her cool old self in that gorgeous Burberry punk black studded gown. (sigh). The queen of fashionistas Sarah Jessica Parker went all the way and gave us all a ‘this is how you do it bitch’ lesson. If anyone could nail a crazy Phillip Treacy hat and over-the-top Giles Deacon dress at such an event, it has got to be SJP. Watch and weep. Amanda Seyfried looked amazing in her dramatic feminine busy printed dress, and Emmy Rossum (one of my faves) really mastered the decadent innocent look in that white crispy dress perfectly matched with dramatic earrings and heavy makeup. Stunning combo. Same vibe I got from Mara Rooney in her white frilled punk zippers dress. Other 2 ladies I loved were: Minka Kelly (fabulous and dramatic) and Jennifer Lawrence (simply classic with a bit of retro punk to it). And then there were the classic black & white dresses that you can never go wrong with on the red carpet. red-carpet-met-gala-2013-blake-lively-hair-makeupred-carpet-met-gala-2013-blake-livelyred-carpet-met-gala-2013-amber-heard-makeup-hair"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-Jennifer-Lopez-makeup-hair"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-sienna-millerred-carpet-met-gala-2013-nicole-richiered-carpet-met-gala-2013-coco-rochared-carpet-met-gala-2013-cara-delevingnered-carpet-met-gala-2013-Sarah-Jessica-Parker"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-emmy-rossum-beautyemmy-rossum-red-carpet-met-gala-2013rooney-mara-red-carpet-met-gala-2013red-carpet-met-gala-2013-rooney-maraminka-kelly-red-carpet-met-gala-2013-beautyred-carpet-met-gala-2013-minkakellyred-carpet-met-gala-2013-jennier-lawrence-beautyred-carpet-met-gala-2013-jennifer-lawrence"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-emily-blunt"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-jennifer-morrisonUS-FASHION-MET-COSTUME-GALAred-carpet-met-gala-2013-kirsten-dunstred-carpet-met-gala-2013-taylor-swiftOK Dresses – 2013 MET GALA 2013 Red Carpet

These ones I basically just liked. Was not impressed but cannot hold them for bad either. Well maybe except for Katie Holmes side boob situation. Ha! Joking. I loved the dress, but the side boob thing was not very posh. Emma Roberts dress was kinda great, but not best worthy, and Gisele Bundchen… mini dress? Really? We know you got a knock out body but could you please do that red dress look from the past Met Galas one more time? Just saying. Then there’s the cut out trend that Nicky Minaj is doing. And you know what? It’s not that bad. Oh, and Solange Knowles is confused yet again over what she should wear: shorts, dress, long, short? So she (again) did them all in one. red-carpet-met-gala-2013-katie-holmesred-carpet-met-gala-2013-emma-robertsGisele-Bundchen-red-carpet-met-gala-2013red-carpet-met-gala-2013-gisele-bundchenred-carpet-met-gala-2013-kylie-minogueUS-FASHION-MET-COSTUME-GALA"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute GalaStill Debating Dresses – 2013 MET GALA 2013 Red Carpet

And the winner of making us a tad confused and still debating over the dress, goes to… (drums please): Beyonce in her Givenchy dress. She was edgy and opulent all right, but I really don’t know if I like it or not. She’s wearing that type of dress that just makes you feel borderline crazy, one minute I hate it and one minute I’m totally digging it. Not too sure about the hair maybe (too wild and busy at the top) and the gloves. I mean I get the boots add that glam punk razzmatazz but the gloves just kill the whole idea by crowding it. What do you think? red-carpet-met-gala-2013-beyonceBeyonceThen there’s Anne Hathaway‘s look. Wait. Is that her or Miley Cyrus? I swear that’s what I was like at first glimpse. And then I saw the boobs. Girl have you been doing some pumping? I get the same mood from her dress as from Beyonce’s… and now I’m in the I love it stage. So why not? The Miley hair? I love. And speaking of Miley… what do you think? Too much, trying too hard or just the right age and edginess in that Marc Jacobs dress? I kinda like it… Let’s see the others too and comment away.  anne-hathaway-bleach-blonde-hairred-carpet-met-gala-2013-anne-hathawayred-carpet-met-gala-2013-miley-cyrus-beauty-look"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galadonatella-versace-red-carpet-met-gala-2013julianne-hough-red-carpet-met-gala-2013"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-emma-watsonred-carpet-met-gala-2013-katy-perryred-carpet-met-gala-2013-kristen-stewartred-carpet-met-gala-2013-uma-thurmanWorst Dresses – 2013 MET GALA Red Carpet 

I’ll be honest with you on this one… I can hardly contain my laughter. Well OK smirk. Anna Wintour managed to not pull it off this time.  Karma? Is that you? She probably thought she’ll do the table cloth look this year and fooled Kim Kardashian into doing the sofa look so they’d both look like psychedelic besties on a night out. I actually feel sorry for Kim, just because the press will not give her a tiny break on this one. red-carpet-met-gala-2013-anna-wintourred-carpet-met-gala-2013-kim-kardashian-kanye-westTwo ladies – Kate Beckinsdale & Cristina Ricci – tried doing the punk prom dress thing, but it looked a bit off key with the whole red carpet thing and age maybe. Don’t get me started on Gwyneth Paltrow though… really Gwyn? Throw-up pink is your new thing?  I know pink is pretty punk in that decadent sort of way but that look and that shade on her are just wrong. red-carpet-met-gala-2013-kate-beckinsale"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galared-carpet-met-gala-2013-gwyneth-paltrowchloe-sevigny-in-proenza-schouler-red-carpet-met-gala-2013WTF Dresses – 2013 MET GALA Red Carpet

And then there were those dresses that go beyond bad while making you do the double stare. One of the Olsens leads the way. Well that’s a big shocker (not). Then comes the matronly Ashley Greene who came dressed as a posh square, and Elle Fanning… WTF is that Elle? No. You will not get the age excuse on this one. And last (yeah I get embarrassed for her just by looking at it) is Cameron Diaz who did a Stella McCartney all-the-way on this one. The dress is great… but what the fuck is up with that hair color and beauty look. It’s absolutely sick. Is that cheap blonde look on purpose or what? I don’t get it.  "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galaashley-greene-red-carpet-met-gala-2013red-carpet-met-gala-2013elle-fanningred-carpet-met-gala-2013-Cameron-DiazAnyway… this was fun. Who was your fave or least fave?

19 thoughts on “Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet: Best & Worst! Who’s Your Fave?

      • Yeah, there weren’t any looks that truly wow’ed me. Emma’s look was the best for me. Was it a punk theme and we didn’t know about it? lol

      • yeah it was, they were celebrating & honoring the era of Punk, the edition was called Punk: from chaos to couture. So i guess that;s why they were all going for the grunge punk look. I agree with you though, some were sooooo bad lol. Emma was cute I agree 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Wow, I think the punk look at this year’s Met was overboard and it seemed like they didn’t put a lot of thought into their looks. It’s as though they all tried to out-shine the other…I love SJP, Olsen twins, Katie Holmes, and I love Katy’s hair! Great post, Dana! xoxo ❤

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  5. Loved the punk theme this year! The looks that nailed it were Blake Lively, SJP, JLo, Nicole Richie, Donatella & Rooney Mara. Thanks for posting the pics!

  6. My husband told me that Gisele looks like a man, and ever since he told me that I have to agree with him, thank God for her hair and body. On another note I could have mistaken Madonna for her daughter, that is pretty scary, Madonna never fails. Rooney Mara was my favorite. I know Ginnefer Goodwin was not on your list but she took me by surprise I am still trying to figure out if that is a good thing, Didn’t care for Jennifer Lawrence’s look this time, the dress and those shoes were just awkward together almost as if the whole purpose was so she would not trip again, (poor girl).

    • My bad, I just saw Ginnefer Goodwin on your list. I have to say I do like her dress, I actually liked these theme and there were a lot of dressed and hair that I liked in fact I can’t decide! It would have been fun to dress-up for this and who can blame them for going all out!

      • 1. omg! he’s not the first person i’ve herd saying that about gisele. So many guys seem to think that. hmmm. and i know what you mean, i can’t look at her without seeing it lol.
        2. i totally agree, they were not that bad, and given the theme they did it all (which is a great thing for hollywoood/fashion) letting loose and going edgy all the way for once. Thanks so much xoxo

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  8. We have like, totally different opinions on this theme which is healthy! My favs included-
    Christina Ricci- really think she nailed this look
    Anne Hathaway- for lack of a better word, I thought she looked bitchn’
    Uma, SJP…
    My Eeeew Yuk, included-
    Madonna- I really hope as time goes on, she stops doing the obvious, ‘I am still holding on to my non-existent youth by baring all and trying a bit too hard to show I am still ;’it’…
    Beyonce- Really, really…
    Gwnie P- She should know she cant pull of anything in Pink after that Oscars…
    Heidi K…

  9. I lived through punk, the first time. Christina Ricci looked the closest to what I would have worn, but very pretty hair and make up. The grey cobweb dress is amazing. Thought Madonna looked pretty awful.

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