How To Choose The Right Briefcase?

yello-briefcasePracticality and fashion don’t always go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to combine the two. The briefcase is back in fashion, and in 2013 there are plenty of briefcases on the shelves which combine traditional functionality with modern, masculine elegance. If you’re looking for something to take to work that will hold your paperwork, pens, and even a tablet or two in place, without having to sacrifice your style, then a men’s briefcase is exactly what you need. After all this latest fad of borrowing a few things from our men for fashion’s sake is turning into quite the challenge and the trend. Or if this men attire is not your cup of tea… than this one’s for the boys. Work briefcases from the most basic & classic styles to the more adventurous, edgy & sporty ones. (click here to browse and see more)

Bag Direct briefcase

Bag Direct briefcase

business-look-briefcaseAs ever, 2013 brings a wide range of briefcase designs to suit all customers’ needs. Depending on your line of work, you’ll need to know what you want from your briefcase before you buy it. Do you just need something to carry a laptop and some documents in? Do you need slots for pens, PDAs and paperwork? Would you prefer the briefcase that closes with a zip, a flap, or clasps? Do you need a combination lock? It may sound like a lot of questions, but you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to briefcases this year. Whether you’re looking for a simple leather laptop briefcase to hold a computer and a few documents or a combination lock aluminium briefcase with separate compartments for your diary, PDA, pens, and calculator, you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

Bag Direct Aluminium lock briefcase

Bag Direct Aluminium briefcase

Bag Direct - black classic briefcase

Bag Direct – black classic briefcase

If you opt for a laptop briefcase, you’ll likely find your laptop protected by a cushioned interior and straps for security. However, if you prefer a briefcase in which your documents, pens, and other objects can just ‘hang loose’, then that’s a solved problem too.

Bag Direct - laptop case

Bag Direct – laptop case

The most favorite briefcase by far, fashions wise this year is the Leather Briefcase – combining durability with timeless style, it’s no real surprise that leather remains a popular choice with briefcase manufacturers. Black leather briefcases may carry authority, but the brown leather briefcase is 2013’s front runner. It’s practical, durable and stylish – and it goes with just about anything.

Bag Direct - ladies briefcase

Bag Direct – ladies briefcase

Bag Direct - ladies briefcase

Bag Direct – ladies briefcase

girl-with-man-briefcasebriefcaseMen in need of something practical and fashionable for work have looked to the briefcase for decades, and the versatile and modern briefcase designs of 2013 show that this year will be no different. And dolls… whoever said we can’t hold on tight to those men bags, couldn’t have been more wrong. Mixing feminine with masculine pieces has always been posh and as of lately it is turning into quite a style!

For a bit of fashion inspo check out these street style Briefcases Looksbriefcase-lookbriefcase-street-stylebrifcase-look-street-stylebusiness-briefcase-cutoffs-street-stylegirl-wearing-men-briefcasestreet-style-briefcasestreet-style-leather-briefcasewoman-with-man-briefcase=styleFor shopping fantastic designs & styles check out:  Bags Direct Shop | Facebook | Twitter

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