Anna Wintour Rejects Nude Vivienne Westwood! Let’s Take Sides Please…

The fact that US Vogue‘s ”Nuclear Wintour” is not a BFF with the mother of punk, Vivienne Westwood is not a flash news to anyone, but one might nevertheless assume that when it comes to business all enmities are left aside, right? Or could it be that Mrs. Wintour had a good call on this one? So what is the big media fuss and gossip about? Well this year the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute will be hosting the much awaited for exhibition entitled Punk: Chaos to Couture, which is, however you put it, quite an homage to Westwood, who, whether we like it or not, stands behind all this Punk culture and fashion movement. So with this in mind, a 40ft styrofoam sculpture of a nude Vivienne Westwood was suppose to be a major highlight. Until Anna Wintour banned it all. Now we all know she’s got the means and the power to do so, or as a source very well put it “Anna made a snap decision and that was that. She always gets what she wants’‘. But was it a call made on common sense or not? anna_wintour-bans-nacked-vivienne-westwood-sculpturevivienne-westwoodThe sculpture was suppose to be an interactive piece with guests choosing graffiti images to be projected on to it, much like the one from 2009 with Naomi Campbell. Well, perhaps a bit different as a visual, yet the message, the art and the celebration behind it count. After all it is an exhibition of Punk, which in itself does not necessarily stand for beauty or proneness. So having said that it would have been quite spot on.

PUNK – ”The abandonment of good taste acted as a liberating creative force ushering in individual style.”

Punks replaced cotton with plastic, ”Love & Peace’‘ with ”Sex & Violence”, they wore red and green Mohawks, toilet chains, safety pins, leather, latex, fluorescent lace underwear, swastikas, skulls, T-shirts with radical statements, bondage clothing, garbage bags, ripped T-shirts, tattoos, piercings, glittering lurex… That’s how it all began. That’s what this movement that is celebrated is all about, and this is what Westwood took, played with, created, reinvented, grew with, made it a fashion, but also knew how to move on later. You cannot deprive her of this, regardless of how un-tasteful or shocking you may find an honoring sculpture of her. Now I know the designer is known for her un-orthodox appearances or statements (she did go knickers free to visit the Queen and let us know all about it) but she’s entitled to… She’s an artist, a designer, an icon. Don’t like her, don’t buy her clothes. Don’t watch her shows. But do not deprive the world of praising & honoring her if they stand opposite to you. punk-culture-sex-pistolspunksVivienne Westwood Red Label - Runway - LFW F/W 2013© PETER STIGTER NEW YORK FALL 2008So why was Anna Wintour so reticent then? Is she not the queen of style & fashion, the one who supports art in all its forms? Apparently she considered the piece ‘‘a needless distraction” from all the other exhibited masterpieces: over 100 creations from the original punk era, plus designs from Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, to Marc Jacobs and Azzedine Alaia. To patch things up, or not start an unnecessary war, Wintour later said of The mother of Punk that she is an ”unbelievable influence“. That should make them BFFs right? Not that the 72 year old designer gives a damn if you ask me, I think Wintour might be the one holding the shorter end of the stick on this one. And probably cracking a smile (inside) on her latest move. Everyone knows she has never once attended a show of Vivienne Westwood and is known to prefer the clean posh cuts over the edgy shocking wave making fashions, yet I’d have hoped for a tiny objectivity from an editor-in-chief. Or could it be she took the safe road on this one? Scared (yes she’s human too and probably gives a damn about what people think more than anyone else) to not cause a shock with a sculpture of a naked 72 year old Dame, she probably decided to remain faithful to her proper (read predictable) decisions.  Vivienne Westwood-queen-of-punkSo… we’ve got the Punk exhibition this year with Anna Wintour as co-chair, Beyonce as honorary chair and Vivienne Westwood’s homage sculpture rejected. HA! Fair or not? You tell me… Have we stooped so low in fashion (as an art) that we are too worried about the media & money feedback rather than the message? I wonder why is it that for the past 2 decades we have not witnessed any major fashion revolution, any strong voice to stir up a cultural movement and project it onto style? So let’s just cut the crap and give it up for those who had the guts to do so!  Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Anna Wintour Rejects Nude Vivienne Westwood! Let’s Take Sides Please…

  1. Hmmm, this is really interesting. I think what kind of surprises me is that one person has so much control. I think that statue sounds really interesting and it could be an amazing piece of art!

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