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Denim On Denim Love!

all-denim-lookBack in the day draping yourself in denim was a fashion faux-pas, but as fashion is by definition a multitude of uncertainties (in a good way) and constant changes, today, Denim On Denim has turned into a massive trend. For the past two years I think this Duo Denim Trend is trying to make a way and settle in as that uber cool look any respectable fashionista can don without looking like a fashion victim. And since practice makes perfect, its hard work paid off, and Denim On Denim or Denim Head To Toe Trend are suppose to be huge in 2013 Spring and Summer. Not a new invention in the least, still feels good though to know it’s perfectly fine to keep on rocking the denim top with any type of bottoms, given they are denim too. What’s the catch? No catch. Though it used to be ”don’t do same color denim on denim” but eff that, you know. Don’t let anyone tell you to not wear something when it looks amazing and you’re just having fun with it. So how to wear denim on denim? However you like it, but just for the sake of the fashion game let’s play along 🙂 all-denim-styleLet the games begin! Colors: all is in. From the most dark wash to the most light, denim has never looked so cool and never been quite in the fashion spotlight as this season. I suppose since the hot season is right around the corner (yeah still waiting on that one) we’ve got tons of freedom color wise and light wash ripped denim jeans look fabulous with heels (for a fancy get-together) and with loafers or gladiator sandals for a casual comfy stroll. Dark wash denim may be just the right choice for a smarter look, a bit more classy and sophisticated. Think work. Tops vs Bottoms: jeans, shorts & skirts AND shirts, jackets or T-shirt (haven’t found any, but just think how cool they’d look… denim T-shirt) are all in.

Light Wash Denim denim-on-denimdenim-trendstreet-stye-denim-on-denimDark Wash Denim dark-wash-light-wash-denimdenim-lovetrend-denimDenim on the catwalk in 2013 S/S collection (1st: Jean Paul Gaultier; 2nd: Miu Miu) jean-paul-gaultier-denim-ss-2013miu-miu-denimWhat I love most about this year in terms of fashion is that, it seems to me that so many trends and styles are in, sort of like a clashing and a meeting of old VS new. For instance when talking DENIM as a 2013 Trend one might assume a certain type of cut, design and color are in, but no… it’s a heaven I tell you. So if shopping is not on your list, you can still look uber cool with what I’m sure you can find in your closet, from those 90’s. Yeah this too is a 90’s comeback, slightly more polished and girly but we’ve all done it back in the day. What’s it like today?

  • Denim jeans: skinny, bell bottom, flared, dark to super light wash, ripped or proper, high waisted or low waisted, boot cut, boyfriend jeans.
  • Denim shorts: cutoffs, dark to light wash, uber short or right above the knee, tight or large.
  • Denim tops: slouchy or tight shirt, light wash, dark wash, vintage inspired or posh, patched, tucked in or not, rolled up sleeves.
  • Denim skirts: pencil skirts, skater skirts, long skirts, ripped, light/dark wash et all.

Denim Jeans look all-denim-street-style=lookdenim-duo-fashion-trenddenim-jeans-denim-shirtdenim-jeans-shirt-lookdenim-lookdenim-look-street-styledenim-on-denim-street-styledenim-outfit-street-styledenim-style (2)denim-styledenim-trend (2)denim-trend-2013-spring (2)denim-trend-2013-springrihanna-all-denim*Exclusive* Blonde Rihanna parties at Palms nightclub in Hollywood CAStreet-Style-denimsusie-bubble-all-denimDenim Cutoffs look all-denim-street-styledenim-cotoffs-shirt-looldenim-look-cutoffsdenim-street-stylehead-to-toe-denim-trendDenim Skirt / Dress look Celebrity Sightings In London - June 28, 2011olivia-palero-denimmiroslava_duma_denim_skirt_dressmiroslava-duma-denim-dressMy fave look at the moment is definitely a denim pencil skirt and denim shirt. Remember Rihanna’s outfit a few days ago? With nude pumps? I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Look. rihanna-denim-on-denimThere’s just something so laid back, refreshing and yet vintage classy about the denim on denim look that I find it irresistible.  It’s sophisticated and chic, easily dressed up & down, and a pair of heels and some jewellery can do wonders to an all-denim outfit! It’s got that urban-boho woman vibe  meets geek-classy-sassy girl to it, and I love it!

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