More Shoes Looks For 2013 Spring! Classic Pumps Trend…

Over this weekend I got a little obsessed with heels – The Classic Pumps – which will be one of 2013 Spring’s biggest shoe trend, so I continued to let loose on my creativity and put together so many looks of how to wear these super classic always trendy hot heels. The best part about wearing heels is that no matter what you have on – skirt, dress, ripped jeans, cutoffs, leggings – you will look so fabulous and trendy the moment you put your heels on. A great pair of shoes glams up and transforms any outfit so forget about cool clothes or uber trendy attire. Stick to shoes, fab classic pumps… and you’ll fashion-score %100.

blue heels 2013 spring

For 2013 Spring I love colored pumps. The powdered blue or light turquoise shades look fantastic. For pops of color and classic twists go for red heels or neon pink. Black is always a safe brilliant way to look gorgeous. And the printed funky pumps are perfect for fun outfits, where no fashion rules apply and it’s a delight to mix and match pints and patterns:

sunny spring style
retro pumps
My fave classic pump look: cut-offs, slouchy tops, pile on jewellery and opt for a super sexy color of heels! Also love the cropped tops for 2013 spring and mixing them with super posh skirts, as if you just finished your day at the office, traded the proper blouse for a hot rock’n’roll cropped tee and look amazing in your fab heels and sexy outfit.
red heels look
black Louboutins for spring 2013
Classic Pumps for 2013 spring
And my latest obsession: light blue powdered pumps & ripped/boyfriend jeans! Amazing!!!
Heel Pumps For 2013 Spring
I don’t know about you… but I am literally in love with this trend, I mean classic hot heels? It don’t get better than this…

6 thoughts on “More Shoes Looks For 2013 Spring! Classic Pumps Trend…

  1. I have lots of shoes, lots of styles but somehow I always gravitate back to a really simple classic pump, it really does wonders for the line of the leg!

  2. You’re right Dana, it is hard to top the styled lines of the pointed or almond toe classic pumps. They are my most preferred high stiletto heels to wear for they go with any of my outfits.

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