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Street Styles At Fashion Week! Are We Obsessed With Beanies, Fedoras & Headscarves?

hats-trend-fashion-week-street-styleThere are trends (born from the catwalk) and then there are Trends! The capital “T” is well deserved, as it is us… the non VIPs, the watchers or bloggers, the ones who work in fashion/arts/beauty who, upon attending fashion month, let loose on creativity and imagination, and quite frequently combine beauty with comfort. We dress up. Get photographed. Attend shows. Work. And Bang a trend is born. Sure a lot has to do with what’s hot in a season and how accessible some fresh off-the-catwalk items are for some of these fashionistas, but still, no reason to deprive the crowd off their much deserved trendsetter personality. OK enough rambling suspense! So what’s the biggest trend spotted on the streets at 2013 – 2014 Fashion Week? Beanies! Fedoras! Fur Hats! Headscarvesfedoras-beanies-scarvesBasically any piece that (meant or not for the head) was worn on the head. Could’ve been just a slight attempt to shed from the rain and snow… but it caught up and it photographed amazingly. Everyone was covering up their dos. Regardless of how glam or luxurious their outfits were, when it came to staying cool (my money’s on warm) those posh editors in uber expensive heels, feminine skirts, super luxurious coats and rich accessories, topped off the opulence with… a beanie! Alongside the Beanie (the star of this Fashion Month) there was a soft spot for Fedora Hats (even a couple of Panama Hatsin case you forgot it’s fashion we’re talking about. I mean who else would do Panama hats in winter, right?), Fur Hats & Headscarves (think 1950’s Audery Hepburn, or traditional Russian style. Well… you gotta be one to own one: Miroslava Duma totally pulled off this look whether she wanted to or not). miroslava-duma-headscarfhead-piecebeaniehatsSo let’s dig in into this Beanies | Fedoras | Headscarves obsession! First thing’s first: The Beanie. It had a huge comeback this fall/winter and here we are in March 2013 still wearing them. Sure the low degrees have a lot to do with our fashion choice, but I have a hunch we’re not gonna part ways with the beanie just yet. How would it be if this warm cozy trend spread all the way into 2013 Spring? Weird right? Yet… with all this 1990’s comeback and grunge trends, a Slouchy Beanie does not sound bad at all. Think any color (though black & white is huge for 2013 spring & summer) thin fabric, pulled back on your head and covering up your bad hair day. While looking amazing! For some inspiration check out Tommy Ton’s street style snap shots at this fashion monthbeanies-spring-2013beanie-hat-street-stylebeanie-street-style-heelsbeanie-street-stylesbeanies-trend-street-stylebeanie-style-street-fashion-weekbeanie-trend-fashionweek-street-stylemiroslava-duma-beanieWhere to get them from? ASOS has some amazing beanies for absolutely any style & taste. Found a couple for you: 🙂 asos beanieasos-studded-beanieThe Fedora | Panama Hats. Ever since the 1920’s gangsters of the Prohibition wore Fedora Hats, we can’t seem to get enough of them. They look stylish, hot, effortless, sexy in a masculine meets feminine kinda-way. And quite empowering. The Panama Hats are the best choice for hot summers… Any summer outfit would look fabulous and rich with a white/nude Panama Hat on top! A big plus that comes with wearing hats: their versatility. You can quickly adapt them to any look and complete or give a certain vibe to an outfit: bohemian, grunge, romantic, rich, elegant, classic, masculine, 1920’s or 1970’s inspired… fashion-week-street-styles-fedorasfedora-street-stylefedora-trend-street-fashion-weekanna-deelo-russo-hat-street-stylehat-street-style-fashion-weekhat-street-style (2)hat-street-stylepanama-hat-street-stylethough not a fedora, had to show you this hat. Love it!  hat-street-style-fashionweekWhat I’ve found… (from River Island and Rag & Bone)river-island-panama-hatrag-and-bone-fedora-hatFur Hats! The Fur Hats have had a huge comeback this cold season (click here for more), but I presume they will not make it into the hot season. 🙂 Anyway, it does not mean we cannot get a bit of fashion inspiration. So here you are…

fur-hat-street-style-fashionweekfur-hat-street-stylefur-hat-street-style (2)fur-hat-street-styles-fashion-weekfur-hat-trend=street-style-fashionweekAll the way from the chic 1950’s (think Audrey Hepburn and click here to check out her style), or Italian Sicilian hot Sophia Lorens look-a-likes, or traditional Russian beautiesThe Headscarves have made it to fashion week. In winter. On the streets. Girls wore them wrapped around their head in a knot under the chin. For fashion inspo check out the petite Russian Miroslava Duma. I love headscarves & head wraps in all style, forms, colors and designs. They were huge a year ago (click here to read more) and apparently we got the hang of them. My fave styles: boho-chic (think Nicole Richie) & African style (think Solange Knowles). How the streets did the 50’s style headscarves for the past few days at fashion week? Let’s see 🙂  headscarf-fashionweek-street-style (2)headscarf-fashionweek-street-styleheadscarf-street-style-fashionweekmiroslava-duma-head-scarf

6 thoughts on “Street Styles At Fashion Week! Are We Obsessed With Beanies, Fedoras & Headscarves?

  1. I love hats so much but you know, it’s funny, I get attached to one and then I don’t wear all the ones that I have. Also, sometimes I have to get over the fact that I know people are looking at me….

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