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Oscars 2013 Red Carpet! Best & Worst Dressed, Makeup & Hair Closeup…

The very coveted event of the year – Oscars 2013 – came and went in a heart beat, or so it seemed and now we’re left with the usual red carpet talk, best and worst moments, dresses, winners, parties snap-shots, celebs tweetpics and instagrams… same old same old. Yet we so love this! As promised to you last night on Twitter we are today covering all the delicious moments that happened last night and with them the classic Oscars 2013 Red Carpet – Best & Worst Dressed. But… first thing’s first, so until we put our fashion police hats on, one thing I must confess, is that I loved the 2013 Oscars theme last night: Old musical Hollywood! Though lots of hints were pretty much thrown in our face before the ceremony (Les Miserables anyone? And Catherine Zeta Jones performing live?) I did not expect to be thrown back in time and watch the beautiful Charlize Theron and the hot Channing Tatum dancing like those Hollywood icons of the ’50’s. It continued in the same note, and it was magnificent! channing-tatum-dancing-oscarsadele-oscars-2013-1jennifer-aniston-oscarsanne-hathaway-oscars-2013channing-tatum-435What about the winners? Super excited about ”Argo’‘ winning best picture (yay) and you had to love that genuine emotional moment when Ben Affleck thanked Jen Garner. Awww. Those two remain my all time fave couple, a family example, beautiful, down to earth, happy, loving, talented. And they looked amazing last night. Jennifer Garner’s deep purple ruffled strapless dress was stunning, and her hair and makeup were simple, relaxed and just beautiful. OK I’ll be honest with you… from the front the dress was amazing, but from the back… hmm not so much. And just because those ruffles were too many. Moving on, let’s talk about our fave part at the 2013 Oscars best & worst dressed! ben-affleck-jen-garner-oscarsJGarner.BenAffleck-oscars-2013jennifer-garner-oscars-2013jennifer-garner-3-290Best Dressed @2013 Oscars Red Carpet

Unlike other times, this year and this carpet event had the shortest list of worst dressed. No surprise there as the stars chose more classic cuts and simple designs (no more over-the-top ruffles, one-shoulder funky designs, risque gowns). Trends we spotted? That is aside from the Side Boob Trend? (check out Anne Hathaway btw). Well… there were lots of Strapless Gowns, Sequins & Pale/Nude Shades. Makeup & Hair were simple, relaxed and understated, I mean there was no obvious trend makeup wise, no bold-lips-are-in or smoky eyes are back. So… let’s begin! Charlize Theron was the most gorgeous ever in her white peplum, long train Dior Haute Couture dress. If anyone could pull off such a short pixie haircut on the red carpet – well… that’s Charlize. With that face, and that statuesque body she just proved us that less is more and simple will make you stand out of the crowd anytime. Naomi Watts looked perfect in her asymmetric cut Armani Prive grey’ish blue sequined gown. It was sexy, fitted, slim, super star-style and red-carpet appropriate! Jessica Chastain pulled off an Old Hollywood look with her nude Armani Prive dress – strapless, fitted, simple, and though she might have risqued being too washed out (nude dress, light red hair, pale skin) she actually made it all work exceptionally with the red lips. It just pulled the whole look together. Amanda Seyfried can wear a garbage bag and still look beautiful so she has made our best dressed list, but not regardless of her gown, cause she did look amazing in that nude, sequined, fitted Alexander McQueen dress. Her hair was pulled back in a relaxed bun and she was wearing simple makeup. Charlize-Theron-2013-oscars-red-carpetcharlize-theron-3-290charlize-theron-oscars-2013-hair-makeupNaomi-Watts-oscars-2013-red-carpetNaomi-Watts-oscars-2013-red-carpet-1Jessica-Chastain-oscars-2013-red-carpetjessica-chastain-oscars-2013-hair-makeupamanda-seyfried-oscars-2013-hair-makeupamanda-seyfried-oscars-2013-red-carpetI also loved Zoe Saldana’s Alexis Mabille Haute Couture dress, though I hated her shoes. I guess nobody was looking at the sandals with that body, gown, perfect face and sleek hairstyle. In this sea of pales and sequins came the beautiful Kerry Washington in her Miu Miu red dress with super embellished bodice and Jennifer Aniston. Yep ladies… what a moment she has chosen to ditch the black. The color was amazing, but I’m still not sure if that red Valentino dress was right for her. Sometimes she seemed to be sinking in it, but other times (when she walked on the stage for example) she looked stunning. Maybe the hair was the problem, had it been pulled back or up in a loose bun, it might have made that dress work better. Anne Hathaway was… not my favorite by far. Side boob? Checked. Nipple? Checked. That Prada gown did not speak to me at all. But it’s just my opinion. She did look stunning, I admit, I just expected something else. And the gorgeous, beautiful and young Jennifer Lawrence has got to have a soft spot for big complicated dresses. The only thing I loved about her white strapless couture dress was the back necklace. Well not really, actually, but it did not blow me away. The upper part was ill fitted. This girl has got boobs, but that dress made her look flat. And she couldn’t make up her mind between mermaid or princess so she went with both cuts. Too big and too ruffled for your age Jen!!! Doesn’t the tripping on the stairs scream enough to the complicated designs? Still… she did not make the worst dressed list, just cause she can pull off almost any look. Besides I’ve seen her in worse, so for her… this is a step ahead.  Zoe-Saldana-oscars-2013-red-carpetzoe-saldana-3-290Kerry-Washington-oscars-2013-hair-makeupKerry-Washington-oscars-2013-red-carpetjennifer-aniston-oscars-2013-red-carpetjennifer-aniston-oscars-makeup-hairAnne-Hathaway-oscars-2013-red-carpet-pradaanne-hathaway-3-290Jennifer-Lawrence-oscars-2013-red-carpetjennifer-lawrence-oscars-2013-hair-makeupjennifer-lawrence-oscars-2013-winningOther ladies who stunned were Jane Fonda. OMG that woman is either lying about her age (she’s actually 38) or she’s an alien  That’s it I’m hitting the gym this week! Catherine Zeta Jones was beautiful as always in her fitted gold statuesque dress, Adele kept is simple and classic in black, as did Giuliana Rancic & Kelly Osbourne. Amy Adams went for powdered blue and fantasy ruffles with her strapless dress… and you know what? I think she looked beautiful! Jennifer Hudson opted for comfy but hot with her blue sequined long sleeved slim dress. Pretty gorgeous. And the hair? OMG – amazing! Sandra Bullock was fabulous! Loved the dress, hair, details… perfect. Nicole Kidman finally got it right this time. And Kristen Stewart was kinda sweet, right? jane-fonda-oscars-2013catherine-zeta-jones-oscars-2013adele-oscars-2013-hair-makeupadele-oscars-2013giuliana-rancic-oscars-2013kelly-osbourne-oscras-2013amy-adams-oscars-2013jennifer-hudson-oscars-2013kristen-stewart-oscars-2013-red-carpetkristen-stewart-oscarsnicole-kidman-oscars-2013sandra-bullock-oscars-2013-hair-makeupsandra-bullock-oscars-2013-red-carpetstacy-kiebler-oscars-2013stacy-keibler-3-290Worst Dressed @Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Errr… besides Helena Bonham Carter you mean? That would be Salma Hayek in that horrible Alexander McQueen dress, which in itself was not bad, it made her body look fantastic but the neck detail ruined it. It made her look as if she had no neck, just a huge head attached to a tiny body. Not too flattering hair nor makeup either. Halle Berry… Why?! When I 1st saw her arrive on the red carpet I was so sad… I so love this woman, but when she misses on the red carpet, she misses big time. What the hell was she thinking with that long sleeved grey sequined dress? But wait… then I saw her on the stage and she looked stunning, like a statue. Beautiful, hot, confident… Still not my fave dress for her, but I suppose it’s a matter of taste. Maria Menounos thought she was a Popsicle or going to an 1980’s prom. I mean bright pink and huge hair? Really? Kelly Rowland was a mess, that’s all I’m gonna say. Sometimes less is more. Actually on the red carpet it’s always safer to go for simple, classic with a twist rather than over do it and risque a total red carpet miss and landing on worst dressed lists. salma-hayek-oscars-2013-red-carpetmaria-menounos-oscars-2013kelly-rowland-oscars-2013olivia-munn-oscars-201385th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsWell this was it for our 2013 Oscars Red carpet reviews! Let me know your best and worst & your favorite looks of the night!

10 thoughts on “Oscars 2013 Red Carpet! Best & Worst Dressed, Makeup & Hair Closeup…

  1. I just couldn’t get enough of Zoe Saldana’s dress. It is just fabulous! My least fave was Salma Hayek — totally agree with you about the no neck situation hihihi
    Love the post and your picks!

    XOXO Nensi

  2. Awesome commentary and finally someone who agrees with me about the Argo win! Yay! Okay so I’m going to say it. I know Helena Bonham Carter always makes worst dressed lists and I get but I kind of love her that the fact that she does whatever she wants…..

    • haha yeah, all that critique about her, it does not seem to bother her at all, she literally does not give a damn about it. And that’s a big thing in Hollywood – standing up for yourself, what u love etc, regardless of the whole world blasting you. Go Helena! (from this point of view). Thanks Caroline 🙂 xx

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