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2013 GRAMMYs Red Carpet – Best & Worst Dresses!

When a few days ago it was announced that all 2013 GRAMMY attendants must pay attention to a few fashion restrictions… the whole media was raising eyebrows and questions as to how that’s gonna work out. I mean the GRAMMYs have always been that one red carpet event where over-the-top was the rule, fashion wise. How were all those ”no’s” gonna work for celebs? Well… (breath now) the restrictions worked in favor rather than against the stars. Truth is, the 2013 GRAMMYs Red Carpet was one of the best in years, sure there were a few rule breakers (thank God for that salt and pepper), but you know what makes a great red carpet event stand out? Both the best as well as the worst looks and dresses. And though it was all good… oh there were a few ladies out there who I don’t know what they were thinking…

Here’s Justin Timberlake performing & then he & wifey Jessica Biel chatting with Beyonce justin-timberlake-grammys-2013-show-650-430grammy-2013The Red Carpet fashion trend of the night was long fluid A-line gowns, lots of sheer texture (well if you can’t do cut-outs you just fake a cover-up, right?) & basic color. Some celebs opted for the classic sequined & metallic look (Carrie Underwood who was beautiful as always yet same old same old) while others chose trousers?! Yes dolls, Beyonce opted for a trouser suit, which was pretty fabulous on her, yet can’t help myself to agree with some voices out there who said that she can’t find a fashion balance if it kills her. She always shows up in too glamed up (drag-style) outfits or super office style ones. Hmm. Well she can pull off any, so whatev, right? carrie-underwood-grammy-2013-red-carpetThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsBest Dressed @The 2013 GRAMMYs

Rihanna was by far the fashion star of the night in her amazing Azedine Alaia red dress, brown curls and hot lips. Loved the super romantic feminine look, that had a bit of edge with the sheer texture (you could still see her nipple piercing). Riri’s pal, Katy Parry pulled off a fantastic look in that ice-cream-green color dress: long sleeves, neck sparkling details and huge super sexy cleavage! Hot Hot Hot! Kelly Rowland was all sheer stripes and hotness herself in that black fabulous dress. Natasha Bedingfield went for red and stunned in her fluid flowy dress. Taylor Swift opted for the same fluid trend in her white Greek style dress. Love the dress. Not too crazy about her same hair, same style predictability. Adele finally ditched black for a flowery knee-length dress and looked rather nice in it. Beyonce looked stunning in her trouser suit… just a bit too office style for the Grammys. Maybe? But she was beautiful. And her sister!!! OMG… that girl’s got style. Absolutely loved Solange‘s dress and shoes. Ashanti was pretty OK as well in her black flowery fluid dress with a slight see-through texture. rihanna-grammy-2013-red-carpetRihanna-dress-grammys-2013katy-perry-grammy-2013-red-carpetnatasha_bedingfield-grammy-2013-red-carpetThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpetadele-grammy-2013-red-carpetThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red CarpetThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsAnd then there were the metallic sequined black gowns & the just-OK ones. Not bad at all… just a bit too ‘been there done that’. Carrie Underwood, Allison Williams (her grey dress was pretty great though), Faith Hill (too business like look) & Alicia Keys who’s always going for the same cut out patterns and styles. But the leather detail of her dress was fantastic! Loved it. And then there were the OK ones: Kate Dennings & Karlie Kloss. These 2 hotties went for shades of blue and though the dresses were nice I would have liked something a bit more glam from them.  The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivalsfaith-hill-grammy-2013-red-carpet The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red CarpetThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Worst Dressed @The 2013 GRAMMYs

Now they may not all be bad… just not really my style. Regardless of the gowns all ladies looked fabulous: hair & makeup. So… shall we start? Jennifer Lopez… we all know how amazing you look despite your age… yet you don’t have to try so hard and pull an Angelina on us. What was that black thing on her. Oh wait… a dress? Just saying. Kimbra… don’t get me started. She looked like she fell from the stars and had some trouble landing. And Florence Welch… don’t like her style whatever she wears, so I won’t even go there. Don’t know what the whole fashion hype is with her anyway. The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsThe 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivalskimbra-grammy-2013-red-carpetThat’s it for the red carpet drama. Critiques & praises aside, the stars looked amazing and seemed to have a great time. And that’s what it’s all about, right?  beyonce-adele-2013-grammysgrammy-2013-partykaty-perry-elen-degeners-grammys-2013rihanna-chris-brown-grammys-tlc-2013

13 thoughts on “2013 GRAMMYs Red Carpet – Best & Worst Dresses!

  1. I love rihanna’s dress, looks gorg on her. I really hated jlo “dress” it looks like they amputated her other leg.

  2. I completely agree with your picks! I LOVED Rihanna’s look. It was so gorgeous! All I have to say on J. Lo’s look is “PREACH. IT. GIRL!” I was like, “You’re way past your 20’s to be wearing a slit that high and that topknot, bun thing-y doesn’t work when it’s super slicked back, lol!

  3. Hey doll, happy valentine’s day and thank you for sharing your thoughts of the grammy’s best and worst!
    my ultimate fav were taylor swift she looked like a roman goddess in that white marvelous dress as well as rihanna she is just wow! im digging her hair lately!
    again thanks for the beautiful post!

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