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What Do You Think Of Kate Middleton’s Style? Is She A Fashion Icon?

kate-middleton-hatIt’s been quite a long time since I meant to do a post on the Duchess of Cambridge Style, but always postponed it just because, to be honest with you, I’m not too into royals, duchesses, princess and all that… Sure I respect and admire all they do and stand for, but when it  comes to associating fashion or style with a royal in general… allow me to get a little reluctant. May be my edgy style or my sometimes over the top personality that simply contradict with the whole understated everything that royalty stands for (fashion & style wise). Besides… I hate hats. There I said it. Not the street style types, that you can so easily dress up or down with jeans or heels, but those uber pretentious styles embellished with so many beads and feathers and paired with the least tasteful A-line, knee-length dresses, in those ice-cream colors that do no favors to anyone. Anyway… there are a few royals out there who every now and then get in the flashlight and have us all talking about their beauty, social skills & styles. And such is the case of the lovely Kate Middleton. Well actually the Duchess of Cambridge! A regular looking kinda gal who’s got a hold of a prince’s heart and had a whole nation (hell a whole world) get all sappy and romantic over the wedding of the century and as of lately the pregnancy.  kate-middleton-hat (2)kate-middleton-green-coatDoes Kate Middleton have style? And if so… what is it? Do you like it? Kate Middleton fashion has already been discussed and praised for years now, and what I believe she deserves a big kudos for, is the way she does not take it too seriously. I love Kate, I think she’s a likable person, genuine, lovely, beautiful. Her smile is just perfect, her social/people skills are fantastic… but her style… Well… let’s just say it’s not right down my street. With a few exceptions (the nude lace dress, the black lace dress, and a few other outfits I’ll show you below) her overall fashion choices are a bit boring, they lack personality and quite frankly Kate Middleton’s style is although classic & polished, quite unfinished. Quite a few times I’ve looked at her outfits and felt as if she could have used a belt, more accessories or clothing items to make it work. I suppose she’s got more than a few style rules she needs to obey but still… dress according to your age Kate. And I’m not talking about that fishnet dress that had Will all smitten with her, or her sparking sequined fashion choices when she hit the town to party, or her boring jeans and plain tops when living back home with mom and dad – I mean find a balance between classic & cool. OK so she has to do the longer hem, the hats, the proper granny styles once in a while… but there’s plenty of room for subtly jazzing it up, right? here are some past style looks of Katekate-middleton-glamed-upkate-kate-middleton-kate-middleton-before-famekate-middleton-party-dress

some of my fave Kate Middleton style looks 🙂  kate-middleton-black-lace-gownkate-middleton-beautykate-middleton-fashion-stylekate-middleton-lace-blue-dressCatherine Duchess of Cambridge seen leaving St Paul's Cathedral in London after Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving ServiceSafe or not, too boring or too granny – Kate Middleton’s style makes way and settles in among other celebrity faces. Kate Middleton’s dresses have a certain elegance and class to them that has nothing to do with red-carpet like glitz and glam… yet she looks fantastic in some of them. Understated elegance and pure refinement seems to be Kate’s middle name. Besides she’s doing something that just screams hats down to her: combining high-street brands with huge designers. Kate Middleton fashion pictures portray her in both Alexander McQueen gowns and Topshop or Whistles dresses. She loves high-street brands and doesn’t shy away from wearing them, which is amazing! I’d love to see more of this young Kate shine through the confinements and proper restrictions of royalty. Although I guess this may not be exactly up to her… She’s probably doing what she can to combine the required classic style with the personal touch, and besides she’s on a constant growth and change style wise. So let us not throw the dice yet! dress-kate-middletonkate-middleton-black-coatkate-middleton-casual-style (2)kate-middleton-casual-stylekate-middleton-coatkate-middleton-coat-stylekate-middleton-dress (2)kate-middleton-dresskate-middleton-flowy-dresskate-middleton-green-dresskate-middleton-green-mcqueen-dressNo Kate Middleton fashion icon talk is complete without mentioning Kate Middleton’s wedding dress: Alexander McQueen simple, feminine, grand & elegant. (not my style in terms of design at all, but she looked stunning in it). Still the talk of the town (and world) and a reference point for all brides to be, I guess. Loved her overall look, not too made up, as if she didn’t try at all, yet managed to look breathtaking. And one more thing I so need to mention… Kate Middleton’s hair! OMG… never have I seen a mane so perfectly luscious, glossy, bouncy & healthy. The best haircut, color and texture I’ve seen! Not too crazy about her latest 1970’s haircut, but I swear… with that hair she could make anything work.  kate-middletonkate-middleton-fashion-icon-hatkate-middleton-hairkate-middleton-in-redkate-middleton-hat (3)kate-middleton-hair-beach-waveskate-middleton-makeupkate-middletonnew-hairkate-middleton-weddingkate-middleton-wedding-dressWhat’s your take on Kate Middleton style? Do you think she’s a fashion icon? kate-middleton-hat-fashionkate-middleton-hat-stylkate-middleton-lookkate-middleton-michelle-obamaThe Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 7kate-middleton-pink-dress-hatkate-middleton-red-dresskate-middleton-red-gownkate-middleton-skinny-jeans (2)Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall And Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Fortnum & Mason StoreThe Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Make An Official Visit To Cambridgekate-middleton-style-classickate-middletonstyle-hatkate-middleton-white0split-dresskate-middleton-white-dress-red-shoeskate-middleton-white-dress-sparklesThe Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Diamond Jubilee Tour - Day 7kate-middleton-yellow-dress (2)The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 8

21 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Kate Middleton’s Style? Is She A Fashion Icon?

  1. I love her timeless, chic style, she is always fully clothed and does not feel like she needs to expose her assets to get attention ( besides that one incident she did in the privacy of her own home which only gave her a little edge).

  2. She dresses pretty safe, but it’s important for other women to see that you can look beautiful and sexy without resorting to too tight LBDs and low-rise shorts.

  3. I think we need to remember she has a team of stylists/designers behind her and reams of rules and regulations as to what she can and cant wear… I think she is a breath of fresh air in to the humdrum royal fashion stakes.
    I love the way she sneaks in a little of her own style where she can…

  4. I am a huge fan of Kate’s style, her outfits are always so well put together, having said that, I would love to see her spice things up a little and try some looks that are perhaps a bit more daring. Even though my look is a little more out there I do, look to her for inspiration a lot, thanks for a fantastic collection of images! I wear a lot of iron fist clothing but play it down with neutral colours like Kate. Rachel.

    • Thanks Rachel! so glad you liked it 🙂 U are so right, Kate just proves us all u can keep it simple, classic and look fantastic. But a little more edge wouldn’t hurt anyone 🙂 With all her fashion restrictions she’s doing a great job. xxx

  5. I am a true fan of classic style. I personally feel that she is safe and looks well put together (granted she has a team of stylists and access to top designers, etc.) but there’s very little intrigue in her style, like a lot of celebrities these days with stylists. Not particularly what would call a fashion icon. True fashion icons, i.e. Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, their deep sense of style always shined through, even when they wore a simple t-shirt with a capri.

  6. Yes, i think that KM’s style is iconic in a timelessly classic way….sweet, always feminine. Also, I love the hats, even the goofy ones….her overall style is very safe for her role, but i guess that goes with many titles and professions, even the non- royal ones.

  7. Kate has always been very simple and classy in her choice of outfits even before becoming a princess but now she has to respect the protocole and has stylists to help her, i think she has great taste for her evening dresses, the long blue dress is absolutely fantastic, don’t you think ladies? Her style may be so predictable but there are some piece of outfits that are to die for.

    There is an article on how kate accesorize some of her outfits, take a look


  8. Kate’s selection if clothing is rather dull and boring and almost predictable.. Except for a very few.
    On the other hand, Princess Mary of Denmark and Princess Letizia of Spain.. Wow… These ladies make a better impression. Better selection of clothing.. So very stylish! They are so more beautiful too. surprisingly not talked about as much as Kate who is downright boring. Kate is over rated…

    • Queen Letizia of Spain is the most Elegant and Glamorous European Monarch in the world! The Spanish Queen is on FIRE!! Catherine does not hold a candle to her!! If you take Catherine out of Great Britain, she cannot compete on a global level with the other foreign royals, especially Letizia of Spain!! She will be left in the dust!!!

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