Makeup Tips For Valentine’s Day! What’s Your Beauty Look?

9f9b571844e1b994a4a8fdb963454899No special occasion, event, party or romantic dinner could ever be complete without us ladies glaming up. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s that day & night when we have to look our best for us (in the first place) to seduce our loved one or if single to turn loads of heads when partying with the girls. Though I’m not a makeup guru, I confess I love to be on the look out for makeup & beauty tips, and yes I am one of those girls who love to wear makeup. Can’t live without my mascara & eyeliner. I always say when you wanna look your best (office or going out) it’s not just about the clothes. Hair & makeup play quite the part and all of us girls have a few beauty routines and makeup must-haves that we just can’t live without or that we use every now and then. Like on Valentine’s Day for example… d14236559a8fbeaea6c70f0d480c72baWhat I always pay attention to when it comes to beauty & makeup (especially when a special occasion is right around the corner) is the skin. Drink lots of water, cleansing routine, exfoliating & moisturizing are at the core of a good makeup, just because I feel that the skin gets a certain glow when it’s taken care of and the makeup looks way better on it. It actually looks as if you’re not wearing makeup. Before jumping for the eyes or lips makeup wise, I always even out the skin (primer, foundation, loose powder) and for a uber professional & fantastic effect you can try contouring. Personally I love to do this whenever I have the time (highlight on top of the cheeks, nose bridge, chin – basically where the natural light falls; and conceal under the cheekbones, chin, forehead). For inspiration or tutorials look up Kim Kardashian’s contouring on youtube. She’s like the best example and the guru of contouring. And yes I do think a good makeup up starts with a clean, healthy, evened out and contoured face. Then it’s easy... if you choose to play up your eyes, stick to nude lips and vice versa. It all depends on the look you’re going for. I guess for Valentine’s Day it’s all about the red lipstick so play up your lips and skin and keep your eyes natural. My fave makeups are those that give the skin a bronzing glow &  smoky eyes…. Red Lips? I love them on someone else… just not me. Can’t seem to find the right shade so I just stick to lip-gloss and natural lipstick. Anyway for some Valentine’s Day makeup inspiration I found a few looks for you on Pintrest. Hope you like them 🙂

Natural Makeup for Valentine’s Daybronzing-glow-makeup-valentine's-daynatural-glow-valentines-day-makeupnatural-look-valentine's-daynatural-makeup-look-valentine's-daynatural-makeup-valentine's-day (2)natural-makeup-valentine's-day (3)natural-makeup-valentine's-day

Smoky Eyes for Valentine’s Day: khloe-kardashian-smoky-eyessmoky-eyessmoky-eyes-valentine-dayvalentine's-day-smoky-eyessmoky-eyes-valentine's-day-makeup

Red Lips for Valentine’s Day: red-lips-look-valentines-daykim-kardashian-red-lipsred-lips-makeup-valentine's-dayred-lips-valentine's-dayred-lips-valentine's-day-makeup (2)red-lips-Valentine's-day-makeupvalentine's-day-makeup-red-lipsvalentine's-day-red-lips (2)valentine's-day-red-lipsvalentine's-day-red-lips-beauty

3 thoughts on “Makeup Tips For Valentine’s Day! What’s Your Beauty Look?

  1. So many wonderful looks! You know I always love a perfect red or pink lip but then again I always love a gorgeous smokey or or beautifully lined eye, I can’t decide which. I think it comes down to that flawless face, in other words if the skin is beautiful then whatever makeup is just a bonus….

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