Anjolee Jewelry! Meet The Brand & Find Out Styling Tips & How To Customize Your Own Jewelry?

anjolee-diamon-tennis-braceltDiamonds are a girls best friend” according to Marilyn Monroe and ladies… although it may be somewhat of a stretch to act on this quote, the truth is diamonds & jewelry are the ultimate touch of luxury, elegance & refined taste. Now you all know my hopeless love for all the glitz & shine, so when FashionTag met Anjolee – you can imagine how ecstatic & happy I was. Anjolee is a USA based diamond jewelry brand who delivers the most amazing eternity rings, earrings, Tennis Bracelets, necklaces & pendants. We were in awe with their fabulous looking pieces, and if you think they appeal only to the rich and famous, you couldn’t be more wrong. A piece of diamond jewelry is an investment in beauty, taste & refinement. It lasts for generations, it’s versatile, and it’s the ultimate gift and elegance statement. Diamond Circle Pendant

So when FashionTag set down for an interview with Anjolee we were so eager to find out all the insights of this amazing brand and why not… steal a few jewelry styling tips from the guru brand itself. Five Across Alternating Gemstone Diamond Ring

Asked to ditch on a few things about themselves, and what Anjolee the brand stands for & represents they said: ”Anjolee is the manufacturer of every item on the website, which allows us to provide high quality products at a lower price point. Our jewelry is up to 60% off what other retailers are charging and we have the highest quality control standards in the industry. We’ve been in business since 1977, and we have a reputation as the leading manufacturer across the United States. Our amazing team of designers and model makers give us fresh designs every week.

On future plans and collections to look out for ”Anjolee is working on a luxury bridal collection now. These designs are glamorous and more luxurious than the classic bridal sets. The line will be targeted at anyone with an eye for lavish style, celebrity or not!”

What is ‘Anjolee woman’ like?Our female customers have a range of interests, careers and styles. Those celebrating a life event with jewelry is a popular trend in our customer base. Some examples include Graduation, wedding, anniversary, promotion at work, gift for self, or family gift. We have many male customers who purchase jewelry on behalf of their loved ones also.”

If you were to give ladies a few tips on what Anjolee jewelry to choose for their wedding day or even a super sophisticated event, what pieces do you recommend? ‘‘It depends on the individuals style. We have a diverse collection ranging from classic, designer, red carpet, vintage, and gemstone styles. For such a special occasion, look to items that make you feel good when you’re wearing them.”

What are your key styling and fashion tips for women & girls when it comes to accessories?‘A pair of stud earrings or hoop earrings is the easiest accessory to wear. When time is limited, have some key accessories handy that are easy to coordinate with daily outfits!”  anjolee- Diamond Stud Earringsanjolee-hoop=earrings

Anjolee Braceletsbracelets-anjoleeWhen it comes to quality & expensive jewelry all of us are guilty as charged, because every now and then we all have to have that ring, necklace or bracelet to wear everyday or to mark a special occasion. What better way to celebrate one-of-a-kind moments such as your engagement, anniversary or graduation than with subtle & simple jewelry pieces like the tennis bracelets, stud earrings & eternity rings. And once you have them & you wear them… you can  never part again! Plus, what I love about Anjolee is their selection of customizable jewelry which is a fantastic opportunity to get creative and play around with different metals & features (white gold, yellow gold, platinum, gemstones, diamonds, engravings etc) to make your piece one of a kind. If you’re thinking of ways to wear your diamonds think no more. It’s simple… never take them off 🙂 Let’s brake those ridiculous style rules and call it like it is: we don’t want to take off our diamond stud earrings during the day. Ah… I mean they look fabulous with any work outfit (sheath dresses, trouser suits, silk tops, jeans & blazer on top, sweaters & leather jackets). Besides they’re simple & subtle. And while we’re at it you can keep your engagement ring on and the diamond tennis bracelet. Bottom line is, as long as it’s simple and states subtle refinement it goes during the day. It adds that fabulous sparkle and incredible luxurious touch that no matter what you wear it’ll make you feel fashionable & rich. For some fashion inspiration have a look at your fave celeb out there who’s rocking their rich sparkles in bright day light. A tennis bracelet & a diamond eternity ring go with your jeans, slouchy top and heels. For a more casual look, choose ballet pumps or even sneakers. A cool bag and some shades will compete the look. Never be cheap when it comes to jewelry and accessories. My all time favorite day wear are Anjolee diamond hoop earrings (they dress up any look and put a certain exclamation point in your style) & the gemstone bracelets (for a more chic & fun look).

earrings-anjoleeAnjolee Rings

anjolee-diamond-rings-2We all know that when it comes to a special event, a night out, a party, a fancy date or dinner us ladies love to glam up. If you choose to wear a long red-carpet-like gown & hot heels, then the right kind of jewelry will always complete the look. You could pull off any outfit just by adorning it with the right piece. I mean who’s gonna look at that dress or suit you’re wearing when those diamond rings shine bright (‘like a diamond’ -thanks Rihanna) and bring out your eyes & that necklace is a statement for ultimate elegance… A simple knee length dress (strapless, cap-sleeved or with long sleeves) will look amazing withAnjolee’s diamond necklaces or thediamond pendants. For an uber hot effect pair them with simple earrings or opt for diamond drop earrings. As for your wrists you can opt for those statement red carpet diamond bracelets or if you love vintage style than the vintage diamond braceletsare for you. For a long red-carpet-like gown mix and match Anjolee’s pieces to your style and opt for sparkles & diamonds all the way or make a statement with a thick necklace, drop earrings, or a designer diamond bracelet! I’m sure we’ve all stolen a few tips on this one from all those red carpet events. anjolee Diamond Journey Pendantanjolee-Diamond Necklaceanjolee-diamond-braceletanjolee-engagement-ring

Jewelry is a must have for any woman. It defines and completes a look & a style. What we love about Anjolee’s Jewelry is that while it’s all luxury & diamonds it fits every pocket & most importantly every taste: classic, simple, chic, elegant, vintage, sophisticated, edgy, fun, young… You name it!

anjolee-Braceletanjolee-diamond-pendantanjolee-Engagement Ringanjolee-rings (2)necklaces-anjolee

more Anjolee Jewelry & Celebrity style inspiration
Diamonds in Diamond Earringsanjolee-ringsElegant Princess Cut Diamonds and Gem Drop Pendanteva-longoria-stud-diamond-earringsThe 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - AudiencePremiere Of DreamWorks' "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" - Arrivalsvanessa_minnillo-stud-earringsDouble Teardrop Diamond EarringsThree Prong Gemstone and Diamond EarringsIf you want to have a look (or tell your partner about it, after all Valentine’s Day is right around the corner) please go to Anjolee Online Shop (they have every-week-discounts for certain jewelry styles) & follow the brand on Facebook | Twitter | Blog br

2 thoughts on “Anjolee Jewelry! Meet The Brand & Find Out Styling Tips & How To Customize Your Own Jewelry?

  1. Always love beautiful jewelry! Love the interview! One of my goals is to have a security guard follow me around because I’m wearing 5 million dollars worth diamonds! (ha, ha)

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