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The Backpacks Are Back! Yes Or No To This ’90’s Trend?

chanel-backpackAt first I thought this ’90’s fashion revival was just a passing  fashion mood, but it seems to have caught up and keep expanding. And I love it. Of course ’90’s fashion was not really the best, yet there’s something about the grunge meets girly decade that has us all going  back and reminiscing on our teenage years. Even designers have dipped into the grunge era for inspiration with their 2013 S/S collections and it’s safe to say that either way you go (as long as you keep it 90’s inspired) you’ll be looking cool. Nostalgic after Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp & Kate Moss? Or still a fan of those gorgeous supermodels who were living the dream back in the day? Or were you a Clueless & Beverly Hills kinda gal? All these people & fans had one thing in common fashion wise: the Backpack! Sure styles varied but it was there, hanging slouchy on our backs or tiny and structured carried on one shoulder. And today… The Backpack Trend Is Back!1990s-fashion-trend-in-2013-backpacks2013-backpack-trend90-inspired-trend-backpacks2013-backpack2013-bckpack90sinspired-fashion-trend-backpack90s-inspired-backpack90s-inspired-fashion-trend-backpack2013-trend-backpacksashley-olsen-backpackAbout 5 years ago if you had asked me what were the fashion-ugliest years for me, I would have said the ’90’s. Of course I loved them back then, but have you tried looking at photos from high-school? What were we thinking? Yet, here we are a few years ahead channeling our grunge personas. I suppose it’s all about taking the best from a decade, nipping & tucking it, reinventing it and making it look new while keeping it rather old-school. Such is the case of the Backpack. Designers and big brands (Chanel, The Row, Rag & Bone etc.) say it’s not only OK but quite posh to ditch your bag for a backpack! And if you think it only goes with a casual/sporty outfit (school or uni appropriate) you couldn’t be more wrong. Throw a backpack on, regardless of you wearing jeans & tennis shoes, or dress & heels. First of all, because it”s cool to clash styles. You get a more effortless & eclectic look. And second of all because today… backpacks come in literally millions of styles, colors & designs. I love the small black CHANEL one and the tiny structured backpacks that look like back posh bags you can wear for work. The white backpacks also look amazing for Spring Summer days, especially if they have gold buckles, adding a little chic richness to any simple outfit. For a more grunge look stick to slouchy backpacks, textured, studded or coloured ones. 2013-fashion-trend-backpack2013-fashion-trends-backpacks2013-street-style-backpack2013-trends-backpacksbackpack-fashion-style-2013backpack-2013-trendbackpack-men-street-stylebackpacksbackpacks-street-stylesbackpacks-styles-2013backpacks-style-streetbackpack-street-stylebackpack-street-style-2013 (2)backpack-street-style-2013backpack-street-style-fashionwhite-backpackwhite-backpack-stylethe-row-backpackstuds-glitter-backpacksstudded-backpackWhen it comes to backpacks the best thing is that you do not need styling tips… they go with absolutely anything and if they don’t… who cares? They’re easy to wear and can complete any look. Plus they add a bit of chicness and sophistication to your style. Too ’90’s for you? Or just the best fashion trend so far? backpack-style- (2)backpack-style-boxy-backpackbackpack-trendblack-backpackscara-delevigne-backpackchanel-backpack-miroslava-dumadesigner-backpacksolsen-street-style-backpackstreet-style-backpack (2)street-style-backpackstyle-backpackphotos via Pintrest, Tumblr, google images, lamodellamafia, StockholmStreetStyle.


22 thoughts on “The Backpacks Are Back! Yes Or No To This ’90’s Trend?

  1. I like them for younger ladies…even bought a beautiful leather one for my niece while in Spain. Just not sure how some my age would look carrying one. So I’ll probably pass for myself.

  2. Interesting, very interesting! I’m still not sold on the 90’s completely but some elements I’m okay with. I really love that white backpack (4th from the top), I could definitely wear that! For me I think it’s all about the shape.

  3. I’ve been carrying around a grey leather Guess backpack that has cutout designs that remind me of Germany. I get compliments on it all the time… found it nearly brand new at a yard sale years ago and paid $10. for it. I’m feeling smart! Thanks for the post!

  4. I’m surprised but I kinda like the whole backpack trend. It so easy to find them in different colors and designs that they can work with any outfit!

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