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The Holographic Trend! Retro Futuristic Glam Luxe Or Kitsch?

holographic-bagHaving worked these past days on Fashion Week & fashion shows posts, I stumbled upon some of 2013 S/S women’s collections and couldn’t help smile at the thought that this spring & summer we’ll all be dipping into the ’70’s for some fashion inspiration. The ’70’s were all about disco kitsch and glam punk, with those super shiny skinny trousers and overdose of glitter as if everyone was a frustrated little girl reliving their childhood. And I was like… this will not pick up. Oh how soon had I spoken, cause just yesterday Refinery29 was telling us how cool holographic bags are. Gulp. So then I started to look into this holographic craze. Was it more than a craze? Was it really turning into a fashion trend? I know designers like Burberry, Jonathan Saunders, Blumarine & even Stella McCartney have used holographic textures for coats, skirts, tops (you name it) for their 2013 S/S collections (talk about a ’70’s revival, right?) but, to be honest with you, I did not expect to see women in holographic coats or leggings strutting the streets. Now you know I’m all for new trends, and there’s not one I do not love or embrace, but holographic jackets & trousers. Really? What are we all Zenon look a likes? In all honesty now… holographic clothes look pretty funky in magazines, photos, fashion editorials… but can’t imagine riding the tube in this retro futuristic attire. Ha! A little compromise for the sake of fashion? Yes. I would wear holographic shoes (heels only, I think sneakers look pretty robotic), bags, nails, belts. Well you got my drift, accessories. And maybe leggings with a black loose top and black heels. Hmm. blumarine-holographic-trendburberry-coat-holographicburberry-spring-2013-holographic-trendholographic-topjonathan-saunders-spring-2013-holographic-trend (2)jonathan-saunders-spring-2013-holographic-trendThe Holographic Trend is an homage to that kitsch ’70’s era when all was permitted and the funkiest and more outrageous you looked the better. It was rock’n roll to look bad, you know. Nothing was too much. But all these freedoms were a response to that era, when so much was happening politically, socially, musically… It’s cool that we embrace our past and seek inspiration in it, but how about new trends? How about something that stands for & represents 2013? Or are we all nostalgic dolls too bored to create or start new movements? Enough rambling on the ”whys” now. I guess that having designers rock this trend on the catwalks was sort of a preview for what retailers were coming up with for 2013 S/S. ASOS, Topshop, H&M are all brands that have started selling some holographic clothes & accessories, while some celebrities have already embraced the holographic trend: Kate Moss looked fab with her holographic clutch and Kate Bosworth in her holographic dress. I’m all for glitter, sequins, girly hot embellishments and clothes (for instance I like mixing them with more rock punk items to balance my outfits a bit), yet I do confess holographic to me is just a tiny bit at the limit of kitsch meets fashion forward. But it might just grow on me you know! anna-dello-russo-holographic-maskholographic-blousefashion-trend-holographicholographic-bootsholographic-clutchholographic-fashion-trend-leggingsholographic-jewelleryholographic-mirror-nailsStella-McCartney-Holographic-Faux-Leather-iPhone-case-trendstellamccartney_holographic1With designers giving us a free pass at this holographic craze and high street brands embracing it, with celebs rocking holographic clothes and accessories… where do you stand? Will we all look like  futuristic retro hot robots and drape ourselves in holographic textures as if we were kids in a candy store… or will we find a decent balance? Though fashion is not about balance is it?  It’s about freedom & creativity! So to hell with it! I’ll have those holographic trousers please! 🙂cat-deeleny-holographic-trousersholographic-clutch-street-style-trendholographic-coin-purse-trendholographic-dressholographic-fashion-maskholographic-green-trousersholographic-jacketholographic-leggingsholographic-nailsholographic-nails-styleholographic-outfitholographic-pink-nailsholographic-shoesholographic-shoes-trousersholographic-street style-trend-clutchholographic-styleholographic-style-mask-trousersholographic-style-trendholographic-sweaterholographic-trend-bootsholographic-trend-clutchholographic-trend-skirtholographic-trend-street-styleholographic-trousers-street-styleholographis-shoe-soleslong-holographic-nailsstella-mccartney-holographic-sandalsman-holographic-maskphotos via Pintrest & Tumblr


14 thoughts on “The Holographic Trend! Retro Futuristic Glam Luxe Or Kitsch?

  1. I have kinda mixed feelings about this trend ; on the one hand I think it looks horrible and reminds me of my childhood but on the other hand I tell myself that a tiny holographic accessory might possibly look good 🙂

  2. Some of the accessories look cool…but that’s as far as I would go, I guess…Don’t think a coat or trousers like that would be such a good idea…love the article, keep them coming!! 😛 kisses

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