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Business Days Events Presents Fashion Show! FashionTag Meets The Brand & Scoops On Success Stories For Inspiration!

In December I’ve been invited with FashionTag to cover a business-meets-fashion event in Bucharest, as main fashion blogger and editor of the event. Though I spend most of my time in London and travel quite a lot, it does feel rather humbling and rewarding to a certain extent to be recognized by your own home & country, right? Having lived in London made me somewhat of an ignorant to Bucharest & Romania’s business & fashion world. Is it growing & developing and in what direction? Is fashion taken to a different level? Are people more creative, inspiring & positive in what they do? If in London I live by my mantra “Nothing is impossible”  & put all my passion and effort into my vision and dream, with friends & people encouraging me and never once putting me down, with a fashion world so huge in its freedom of expression, talent & lack of boundaries – I wonder if the same rules apply back home? A while ago I’ve read that ‘Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude‘ – and you know what? That’s exactly what separates leaders and successful visionaries from your regular Joes and such an attitude is much saluted and valued in the world, for it may give birth to future inspiring people. And that’s exactly why I accepted the invitation of Bucharest Business Days (click here for more). Just curious to see how this happens, and why not call it like it is… if it happens. Is Romania catching up on all the tips that make a business environment healthy and rich? Does Bucharest scream ‘Ready Steady Go‘ and encourage talent, attitude and creativity?business-days-event-bucurestiIt was just today, that I’ve received the event photos and thought of sharing this whole experience with you. So on December 12 & 13, 2012 la creme de la creme of the business & fashion world was in Bucharest at the Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel sipping their posh coffees and expensive champagnes while networking, watching fashion shows and exchanging business tips and experiences – at this Business meets Fashion event organized by Bucharest Business Days! And what I was most curious about was the fashion show. I know… how predictable right? Well… I do work in fashion so that’s a no brainer.  The Fashion Shows were all about cocktail & evening collections from Romanian designers such as SARTO & Fe(Male) with a special feature from Shoe Designer Mihaela Glavan & her shoe brand Sepala. Perfect timing with New Years Eve right around the corner! (remember it was December). The Fashion Shows took place in the evening as part of the biggest business event in Romania (with all the big entrepreneurs and managers being there). Business Days has already been labeled as a successful brand, as this event is the biggest ever in terms of participants, partners, speakers & happenings, with a US audit company’s eyes and approval on FashionTag covering Menswear 2013/2014 Fashion Week (click here for more) this post seems quite spot on as some of the outfits and collections presented in Bucharest last month were sort of a preview of what men are (or should be) wearing this season. Did I tell you it’s all about the smart casual style, or what? Yes gentlemen, Sarto designers are telling us it’s time to look like hot Italian studs in rich expensive suits, blazers, ties & shirts. Dark shades were quite successful (well they are classic after all, aren’t they?) but for the more adventurous lads out there prints, plaid & mismatched trousers with blazers are a hit. Though I’m more on the classic with a twist side & love perfectly fitted suits, the collection was all in all good. As for the ladies… Mirela Fraser designer had one ace up her sleeve: glam up girls. With a collection packed with uber feminine but strong designs she gave us a free pass at futuristic textures, but also told us it was OK to stick to soft sexy fluid fabrics. Some of the clothes had that ’70’s neon cellophane glam & disco vibe to them (Think Jonathan Saunders S/S 2013! btw watch out ladies as this will be one of Spring Summer 2013 biggest trend ever. Remember 2013 – 2014 Spring/Summer Collections?), loads of peplum shapes and bold red lips. The black knee-length fluid dress was quite nice and the blue maxi fluid one with corset beads & crystal details & embellishments was fab! And… no looks can ever be complete without the shoes. Provided by shoe designer Sepala, models strutted the runway in hot sexy stilettos that had us all planning our next shopping spree (sigh). Perhaps a bit too summery for the NYE outfits, yet worth keeping an eye on for the hot season, right? Let’s see some of the outfits. (scroll down for more)costtum-sarto-business-dayscostum-barbati-sarto-prezentare-bucureti-business-daysmoda-barbati-bucuresti-business-daysfemale-rochie-business-days-eventmirela-fraser-dressWho is Business Days?

Business Days (click here for more). A brand and company that has made quite a name for themselves on the Romanian market Business Days has left me in awe as it stands and represents what truly matters in a world of business & success. It shares stories, experiences, examples… The team of professionals behind this brand always manages to bring together the best people, speakers, leaders, managers and programs just to have you informed and updated on all the insights and tips that might change your professional world and take it up a notch. It has managed to do so, while making a name for itself as Business Days Events – a branch in the company that has taken off big time. “The goal of our organization is to help create a successful entrepreneurial culture in Romania and in order to achieve this step we are working intensively on several levels, among which the series of Business Days events is currently the most visible.”  BD events wants to encourage & inspire people to be brilliant managers, leaders, to have a dream and follow their vision. So it organizes all these meetings and happenings into conferences, workshops, debates, round-tables where the best speakers of the country are invited to share their stories and teach others how to ‘get there’. It all sort of evolves around the concept of developing your skills, and all these grand meetings and round-tables are held with one purpose behind: teach people to interact while showing them how to stay on top of their business. bucharest-business-daysbusiness-days-bucurestibusiness-day-bucurestiThe impact of technical evolution on business. (modern motivation; public speaking and its impact; plus techniques of public speaking for managers; intelligent decision making; the art of business success through networking; e-commerce; Social Media). Yeah I know it all sounds so pompous and you may wonder ”but what does it have to do with me”? So let’s talk some business. As bloggers for instance we’re on both sides of the stick. We’re managers/creative directors who have to apply and use ourselves Social Media (FB, Twitter, Pintrest, Lookbook, HeartIt, Instagram etc) for promoting our blogs, posts, ideas, creations, styling, writing etc. Professional bloggers monetize their blogs and work on an editorial schedule, post on a constant basis, network with clients, brands, businesses for advertising, promotion, reviews, ambassadors for brands etc. But… at the same time  we get get to see ourselves how and if Social Media & online businesse strategies work. How? We get results. Long gone are the days when bloggers were ditched aside. Now a respectable business knows that contacting a notorious blogger will get you out there, so networking and relating to one has to be done rather carefully, because one can praise or slam your business. I think if you want to get the pulse of a nations’s Social Media and Online/Technological Progress business wise… all you have to do is look into how they make use of the content marketing, websites, bloggers & Social Media can a business boost its notoriety and numbers by using these new online tools? Well… I reckon it can. Besides we gotta give our thanks to Twitter, FB and  the likes of them for making any piece of information so quickly and easily available. I mean 15 years ago if you told me I could see what Dolce & Gabbana has to say on a constant basis or what my favorite celebrity is wearing, photos from their personal homes, makeup and glam free, or Victoria Secret backstage insights seconds before the huge show – I’d have told you that’s bullshit. Now we’re all ‘friends’ and followers on Twitter. Hell, you can be in the comfort of your home and watch a live fashion show from London Fashion Week… that’s what 21st century business is all about. It’s a constant online fight for the most followers. But does it affect the content or better said does content matter anymore? Or is it just a matter of strategy? Until we sort this one out (would’t hold my breath on it) let us indulge into what FashionTag is all about. FASHION my lovelies. Enjoy:) female-collection-business-days-eventlace-dress-fe-malemirela-fraser-fe-malemirela-fraser-prezentare-bucuresti-business-days (2)mirela-fraser-prezentare-bucuresti-business-daysmoda-femei-business-days-bucurestisepala-shoes-female-dresssepala-shoes-bucuresti-business-daysprezentare-moda-business-days-event

Mirela Fraser designer for Fe(Male) - all the women collection above

Mirela Fraser designer for Fe(Male) – women collection above

menswear-bucharest-business-days-eventmoda-barbatimoda-barbati-business-days-bucurestimoda-barbati-sarto-bucurestisarto-menswear-business-days-fashion-showsarto-menswear-fashion-show-bucuresti-business-dayssarto-prezentare-bucureti-business-days-eventtendinte-moda-barbati-sartosarto-menswear-collection-bucharest-busyness-days-eventEvent organized by Business Days Event (click here for more) and stay connected with the brand via | Facebook | Twitter |

Brands that showed collections: Sarto (menswear) Fe(Male) by Mirela Fraser (women’s wear) & shoes provided by Sepala by Mihaela Glavan

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