Rihanna’s River Island Collection At London Fashion Week! Is She Officially A Fashion Designer?

rihanna-river-island-clothesWell… it was about time Rihanna made her fashion debut. I mean the girl can definitely make more fashion statements than anyone (except for Lady Gaga, that is) and whether you may like it or not, she is a style icon (if not for all ages at least for those 20 year old girls who spend ages shopping & trying to channel their favorite pop-star). Her eclectic sexy mix and chic urban street style have gotten the attention of British brand River Island (although word in town is that Riri was the one approaching them, but who gives a damn anymore when the press is all over you) and led to a fashion collaboration with the Bajan singer to design her own collection for the brand, and now, months later we are announced that Rihanna will show her River Island collection at London Fashion Week, Saturday February 16. You go girl! (click here for more on her style)riverisland-rihanna-backstageFor this clothing line she worked closely and very ‘hands on‘ with the store & Adam Selman (her costume designer). The collection will reflect her personal style and include items that she feels are missing from her wardrobe. Hmm can’t imagine what those would be to be honest with you. So from the high street to Fashion Week in less than a year? Following Topshop‘s successful pattern, are you? We’re all familiar with Rihanna‘s love for both fashion & London so it’s no surprise she is genuinely excited about the whole thing: ”Launching at London Fashion Week is a dream come true for me, I have wanted to design my own collection for a long time and to present my collection for River Island alongside all of the other great design talent at LFW is a real privilege. I can’t wait to see the reaction from my fans and the fashion press!” As both a fan and fashion press (haha, bit of a stretch there, but whatev) I am quite excited about this new clothing line (OK super excited actually), yet I can’t help my raised eyebrow and constant ‘hmm’s” or questions “River Island? Really?” I rarely shop there (must be because I’m 30, I know) but does this mean Rihanna‘s collection will be all super edgy skimpy wear for those teenage & 20 year old girls? Though judging by the preview (that navy slouchy jumper she wore a few days ago in LA was fabulous!) she might just shock some of you. Oh, I can stick to accessories if that were the case, and trust  me, I have a talent for finding the best bits in the least expected shop, so I wouldn’t be too worried about that. Just saying you know… brand & image wise? River Island can definitely kick back and count its money, but is Rihanna that big as to jump back up from a potential disaster? Not that it will ever be the case. I’m sure her marketing and image teams have got their her back. rihanna+at+riverisland

rihanna-river-island-outfitIn the midst of all this pre-FW press bombarding, Mr. Ben Lewis (River Island chief executive) is all hyped up about the collection and so he should be, right? “We are very excited to present our Rihanna for River Island collection at London Fashion Week. This is the perfect platform to showcase Rihanna’s design talent and ambition. (…) We are thrilled to be collaborating with her and to be the first fashion brand to work with her in this way. Rihanna is a style icon, from street to chic she enjoys her fashion. As soon as we started to work together we knew this was a perfect fit. Rihanna will be designing the collection and we will be sharing our fashion experience with her to develop a range her fans will love.” Yet I can’t help but wonder why River Island and not Topshop, for example? Did they turn her down or did they never propose, and if so why not? Is her fashion talent not their cup of tea (I wouldn’t see why not though)? Or maybe they just prefer to work with designers. Ha! Imagine if she nailed her River Island collection and have a breakthrough in fashion as a super talented fashion designer… Eat your heart out Topshop! Assumptions aside, Rihanna sheds some light onto this: ‘I’ve been wanting to design my own collection for some time. River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family run business also really appealed to me. I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special.rihanna-river-island-insight

You know what? It might just be like that (I choose to put my shades on on this one). Rihanna is young after all, and her fan base is packed with girls her age who do dress and act like her anyway. So why not speculate on this and offer the crowd what they want. They’re gonna do it anyway, might as well make some quids off  of it. And no, I am not trying to bitch talk her, actually quite the opposite, just trying to see beyond my blinding obsession with Rihanna. It’s no news to anyone by now, that I have a complete love for this girl and her fashion sense. She’s fun, eclectic, laid back, super hot, urban, glam, rock, punk, hip hop, uber girly & feminine and sometimes boy’ish. She’s got no boundaries when it comes to self expression through her style, she’s free spirited, edgy, real and she makes it all seem so easy. So yes I will start shopping there just ’cause, chances are I will love the clothes. I’m constantly eyeing this girl for fashion & style inspo so I’m not gonna be a hypocrite about it. Hell I’ll be doing some serious shopping. And going to Fashion Week too. Well at least I hope so… Until then, here’s a look at her style & 2013 looks. Enjoy:)rihanna=half-shaved-do-dressrihanna-boyfrined-tshirtrihanna-fashionrihanna-long-black-dressrihanna-parkarihanna-red-dressrihanna-sporty-chicrihanna-stage-fashionrihanna-stylerihanna-urban-stylerihanna-style-2013rihanna-white-dress-alexander-wangphotos via Pintrest &  ChunKyScarVes&HighBuNs

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