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2013 Office Inspired Looks & Street Styles! What To Wear To Work This Winter?

smart-work-styleAfter almost two weeks of holidays and fun times we’re all back in the office, back to work, back to the chaotic life in the city, meetings, deadlines, coming up with new ideas, putting together projects… ah… tired just writing all these down. But you know what? It does feel good to be back on track, and as a new year unfolds in front of me I swear, yet again, by a few New Year’s resolutions (don’t we all?): go to the the gym more, stay fit, eat healthy, be kind, work harder, have fun, travel more, get a new camera, change my look, be more daring and brave fashion wise, take myself less seriously, yet be serious and professional at all times, meet new people, spot new job/business opportunities. My… quite the list, isn’t it? The truth is a new year does come with a somewhat freshness to it,  pro-activeness and desire to change it all around for the better. It’s sort of like a new chance that’s being given to us once every year and I do wish you all, my lovely readers, the very best. May you all have a fabulous 2013! Let’s make the best of it!winter-office-style-2013-coat-furoffice-style-coat-blackclassic-work-outfit-skirt-blazeroffice-style-oversized-coat-scarfAs January 2013 comfortably settles in we ditch the NYE & Christmas glitter and glitz for enormous scarves, oversized posh coats & cool knits. All the pretty professional ladies run their heels off at 9 a.m., bundled up in office outfits while sipping their coffees to go. Usually after NYE we don’t really seem to care that much what we wear to work, do we? Of course, this fashion pause does not last too long, but I do sense we’re all a bit more style relaxed and take ourselves less seriously. Thank God! It’s fashion after all, not rocket science. So what’s to do on those blank mornings when our packed closets seem so empty and not fashion appropriate? Well that’s easy… we gotta start thinking winter trends. FashionTag has covered some of these trends for you a while back so click here for some extra fashion inspiration: parkas, fur-hats, ankle boots, coats, socks, knitwear, fur, oversized trend, leather, sneakers, cut-offs & tights, army jackets. cute-office-lookoffice-look-all-black-leather-pantsoffice-style-2013-coloured-coatoffice-style-coatoffice-style-jeansglam-office-outfitSo with a few fashion tips right up our sleeves... choosing our office style and outfit will be but a piece of cake. Whether you’re working in a bank, corporate company, advertising agency or you’re on the more creative side… 2013 Winter Fashion Tips For What To Wear To Work are easy: it has to look & feel good. Comfy shoes on & heels in your big bag. We all hate having to run on skyscrapers in the morning rush hour, right? Big scarves. Lots of layers. Silky top or plain T-shirt & a cardigan or blazer on top for a more professional look (the boucle CHANEL inspired blazer is my all time fave and goes with absolutely anything). Go for classic cuts if you want to keep it simple and clean or for more edgy styles & bold colors if you’re feeling adventurous. Then it’s trousers! Jeans for a casual office look or some fabulous patterned textured trousers for a glam-chic style. Yet for a simple classic look opt for high waisted suit trousers in any color you like (dark shades come in handy though). For less style headaches go for dresses: classic, edgy, girly, mini, long, thick, silky whichever style you love most and pair them with blazers, vests, cardigans or  sweaters. Skirts & leggings also look amazing with a cool professional top. My go-to-office-clothes that get me out of any fashion trouble? Oversized tops, layers, skinny bottoms, ankle boots or ballet pumps & always heels in my bag.  Jazz it up with your coat (leopard print, studded sleeves, military style, bright colored, furry) and don’t be afraid to mix and match styles: sporty chic, office glam, rock-geek, punk-posh… Sky’s the limit, right?edgy-office-look-leopard-coatedgy-office-lookcasual-office-style-jeanscasual-work-style-lookoffice-look-big-bag-denim-shirtoffice-look-black-suitoffice-look-blazeroffice-look-shortsoffice-look-statement-coatoffice-look-statement-skirtoffice-look-white-coatYou all know by now I’m not too fond of fashion rules and I do encourage fashion freedom and dressing to your mood, feeling relaxed and having fun while mixing and matching styles. And I do tend to apply the same style pattern for work, while keeping in mind one thing: it has to look professional. That’s it. Having said that don’t be afraid to step out of the box: jeans can look professional with a silky blouse and a structured vest or blazer. Ballet pumps look amazing with almost anything at the office. All can be made to look work appropriate. Oh… and almost forgot: pile up on jewellery ladies. They give glam & edge to any outfit. Plus opt for a big bag & pack your heels. They’re usually a must to work and they do make us look pretty smart, so climb up in style: thick ones for comfy & stilettos for uber glam. Chic, glam, casual, fun, smart…Which one’s your office style & your never-leave-work-without fashion piece?office-posh-lookoffice-style-all-black-skirt-topoffice-style-all-printoffice-style-ballet-pumpsoffice-style-casualoffice-style-edgy-skirtoffice-style-floral-skirt-blazeroffice-style-leather-jacketoffice-style-orange-coatoffice-style-pencil -skirtoffice-winter-style-coatoffice-work-style-ballet-pumpssimple-office-stylesmart-glam-office-look

smart-office-look-coatsmart-office-stylewinter-work-style-white-coatwork-outfit-chanel-blazerwork-style-chanel-blazer-heelswork-style-chanel-boucle-jacketwork-style-coatwork-style-maxi-skirtwork-style-silky-blouseall photos via Pintrest

12 thoughts on “2013 Office Inspired Looks & Street Styles! What To Wear To Work This Winter?

  1. i wish we could wear those here in our tropical country. hahah it would be fun to dress up for winter and work! 😀 Wonderful photos!!! 😀

  2. You always have the most amazing pics! This is great for me actually because I have some big meetings coming up in Europe and I’m totally going to model my outfits on these! Thanks!

  3. Being African and having lived there all my life, i was a bit worried coming to London in March. I was worried about how to achieve both style and comfort from the outfits that are appropriate for this weather. I’m glad I found ur blog, now I know what’s not only appropriate and comfortable but stylish as well. Love you!

  4. This is great !!
    Can you recommend any brands for a good winter coat? Or even winter clothes?
    I am heading to London in January and I am from Australia so I am struggling to find a good coat here

    Thanks! x

    • Hey Georgia, Topshop is my all time fave, but you could check out any high street brands or try the tons of cool fashion shops or vintage shops (Shoreditch area). If your into cool vintage pieces go to camden market as well, no matter what ur style is, you’ll be able to find smth really great i’m sure! Kisses xoxo

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