Are Glasses The Latest Fashion Must-Have?! FashionTag Meets Firmoo Eyeglasses & Reports On How To Style Glasses!

wraparound-rx-sunglasses-2Every now and then FashionTag meets up with a great brand and decides to let you in on all there is to know about the brand and their products. Such is the case of Firmoo Eyeglasses, a USA New York city based eye-wear brand with immense notoriety. On my first so called date with Firmoo, I was already head over heels with their glasses. They had me at the retro, geek style ones in a second. As the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store, Firmoo delivers high quality products at exceptionally affordable prices (from $10.00 to over $60.00) with International shipping. With a little something for every taste & style, you feel as if you’re in a heaven of glasses on, any style, color, shape, model of eye-wear you can think of is there. Plus it applies to both prescriptions or non-prescription glasses. Women and men alike can choose from a sea of shapes: rectangle, square, oval, round, aviator, wayfarer; textures: metal, plastic, titanium etc; color; full-frame, semi rimless; or special glasses: computer, bifocals, progressives, fashion, non-prescription; and of course sunglasses in as many styles and shapes as you wish. For the more posh tastes and looks one can opt for designer glasses and indulge in a variety of styles and colors that will sure make a statement.aa2uaDqa3z0OrH1l3qa5jqlwPwWlFKTuCzZDgGjoSo my lovely readers, if you wish to browse around and decide to shop at Firmoo… listen up! Firmoo (click here to shop) has the most amazing news and Holiday Gift for all of you eyeglasses lovers – First Pair Free Program! Yes you read that right! If you want to try out their styles, designs & offers for both fashion or prescription glasses all you have to do is go online (click here) and start shopping. The 1st pair you choose is free. You only need to pay the shipping! Now why would Firmoo do this for you? Well… simply because the brand believes in their quality and trendy products and wants to share them with you. Plus it’s a program meant to help people around the world improve their vision.Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_11As a person who constantly switches between contacts and glasses I was ecstatic when I discovered this brand. I felt like a child in a candy shop: tens of models, shapes, colors, designs, all with the option of prescription glasses. Plus what I found extremely helpful was the chart Firmoo provides you with, to measure your glasses, as to fit your face shape. Then there are loads of testimonials and photos from clients. In wearing glasses I have always pretty much gone for the safe side: classic, simple and why not admit it, pretty boring. And I confess I did so, just because I never believed glasses could look fashionable. While in Uni I used to hate wearing them, and now… I adore the retro, geek styles that I love to pair with absolutely anything. Personally I think this style fits most faces and is quite versatile, so you can go retro or cute-geek all the way, or clash the glasses style with a classic office look, a party outfit or a sexy hot style… the sky is the limit. Need a VIP reinsurance? No problem… from the edgy Rihanna, to the sweet Anne Hathaway, the super cool Usher, to the uber glam Kim Kardashian… the stars have put the fashion label on the glasses look. The bigger the better. Funky, retro, sexy-geek it’s all in, style wise. So, if it’s good enough for Hollywood… I suppose it’s a safe way to go, right?Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_06A few days ago I got my Firmoo eyeglasses and I am loving them. I opted for a retro geek style in black, lenses are a perfect vision for my -2.00 short short sighted eyes and to me, now, they are the perfect accessory. Long gone are the days when glasses were a trademark of the geeks, outcasts, or smart scientists. The fashion world has pushed the envelope on this one (the posh VIPs finally admitted to being human & short sighted) and today glasses are the ultimate accessory, right to a trend paradox, people are wearing eyeglasses to fake a vision problem. As long as it’s in the name of fashion & style I guess there’s no harm in it. It’s a way of self expression and completing a look or a style. Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_03As soon as I got my pair of Firmoo eyeglasses I was wearing them just about anywhere and I’m pairing them with absolutely any outfit: office, going out, casual, sporty, rock, classic, retro… Instead of just telling you all about the tips and tricks of glasses as accessories, FashionTag lets you in on a brief and fun fashion editorial on how cool, fun and versatile Firmoo glasses are. My black polished thick rimmed geek chic glasses look fabulous with an all black outfit, such as the one I am wearing at work (skinny jeans and black T-shirt). Have fun with a cool coat or jacket on top and pile on accessories. The glasses will simply complete a trendy office look that you can take out for drinks later. Ballet pumps for a laid back comfy style or high heels for a more glam polished look. For a simple girly/feminine look go for a super cute/sexy dress that you can rock in the office (with tights and ankle boots) or that you can wear on a night out or a walk out with friends. I chose a black classic coat for a simple look. I just love how the retro glasses clash with the quite glam & feminine style of the red silky dress. They also look great with a simple sporty T-shirt and jeans or a office top/blouse. Basically whatever you choose to wear, the retro style Firmoo glasses will compliment, either by fitting the trend or by clashing with a certain style, thus making a statement and a fashion point. Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_01

Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_09Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_10Foto_Dana_27.12.2012_08Thank you Catalin Buda (photographer) for the lovely photos and July (amazing help & eye for fashion)!

Sure you may just be a cat-eyeglasses or a classic-glasses person, more edgy, young, colorful or funFirmoo’s got your kind of style, and they deliver to their brand and name: excellent quality, perfect vision & super fashionable designs. Versatile & Prompt, International, few clicks away all you literally have to do is find your pair (design, color, shape) click add to chart and, if the case, fill in your prescription. And remember the First Pair Is Free! 

Firmoo Eyeglasses Online Store (click here to shop & browse) 

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11 thoughts on “Are Glasses The Latest Fashion Must-Have?! FashionTag Meets Firmoo Eyeglasses & Reports On How To Style Glasses!

  1. After your detailed review my next pair of glasses will be from Firmoo. It is time to bring our ‘relation’ to the next level and trust your recommendation. They have so many choises… I will let you know my opinion after that.

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