Happy Thanksgiving! How To Look Stylish & Be All Fashion For Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers from USA and may you have an amazing time filled with joy, happiness and magic moments next to the ones you love! I know fashion must be the last thing on your minds, well… with all the relaxing time, family reunions, food & fun times, who cares about how you look? All it matters is to be comfy, warm and relaxed, right? But still… I couldn’t help myself not to think a bit about what I would wear and I  guess it all depends on what you do: family dinners, going out to a fancy restaurant, chilling with the close ones, meeting your BF’s parents, going out with your friends…

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving, via StyleMePretty.com

For all those stay at home & family reunions dinners I suppose it’s safe to say the best thing to go for, fashion wise is comfy & chic. With a nice pair of boots/ballet pumps and a cute dress or maybe leggings & a slouchy top anyone can look amazing. If you want to jazz it up add some bling to it and have fun with your make up and hair. But if what you’re going for is a somewhat sophisticated look... just remember it all lies in the details. Keep it all simple but add that one statement piece that makes all the difference: funky shoes, cool top, fabulous dress, printed scarf, fluffy coat/vest/jacket or just a bracelet or necklace you love so much. If the place you’re heading to for Thanksgiving dinner is a pretentious restaurant… than you need to glam up and take you’re best black dress and stilettos out (black ankle boots look fantastic). Wear a short loose simple dress (gives you height and free movement and is not too pretentious yet manages to give edge and elegance to your outfit) that you can glamorously accessorize with cuffs, rings, necklaces or earrings. To hide away from the cold… throw over a fabulous coat. Leaving all this fashion tips aside at the end of the day one thing truly matters – that you are happy, feel comfy and enjoy the best moments of Thanksgiving with the ones you truly love, ladies! Happy Thanksgiving from FashionTag! xoxo

Here are some fashion looks for inspiration!

Thanksgiving fashion
thanksgiving style
thanksgiving glam

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! How To Look Stylish & Be All Fashion For Thanksgiving?

  1. I think it’s so strange that we have Thanksgiving a month before you guys. I’m reading all these great posts, seeing these awesome outfit suggestions and now I want to do Thanksgiving all over again!

    • hey babes… tiny confusion:) I’m not american, don’t even live in the US (though i so wish i did), but i had no idea u guys in canada had thanksgiving a month before? really? I just did a post on Thanksgiving cause most of my readers are from the US so I though it would be nice. Plus… i always find excuses to be on the look out for new outfits!

      • You know what, I knew that you weren’t from the States, but I saw so many posts that I forgot…. Yup, in Canada it’s a month earlier and no where near what they do in the states!

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