I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award!

Two days ago I got this amazing news from astimegoesbuy.me, that I was nominated for The Sunshine Award by Laura. Thanks so much Laura!!! As I said then you have made my week! It really means a lot, especially coming from a person who’s quite established on WordPress, and who’s blog I adore reading every day. It’s rich in ideas, great content, pictures, it’s personal, funny, relaxed… Oh my God so happy you nominated me! Such a huge surprise, though! Thank you!!! XOXO
Also million thanks to all of you who read me, follow me, comment and like my posts. You have no idea what it means to me! I’m just so happy when I get home and see my wordpress notifications 🙂 An incredible feeling!!! I’m sure you all know! Thanks again. Love you all!!! XOXO

Sunshine Award Rules:
  • Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • nominate 10 other bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.
  1. My favourite color: Always black, but in spring & summer I love to color up my outfits. I usually go for white, blue, orange, yellow & brown tones, some red is always so spot on.
  2. My favourite animal: Caesar & Ramses my 2 little black kittens back home! I miss them sooo much, never thought I’d say this, I know, but the time has come for me too, to fall for cute precious animals!!!
  3. My favourite number: Don’t really have one, but I guess 11 – ’cause it’s my birthday. That sounds a bit egocentric:)
  4. My favourite drink: coffee with lots of milk and sugar
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook ’cause it has more options, all my friends are on it so we can keep in touch easier & I’m just a more of a Facebook person 🙂
  6. My passion: too many:) writing, fashion, reading, watching films…
  7. Prefer giving or getting presents: Getting presents is always nice, though I love giving them to people whom I love and feel close to!
  8. My favourite pattern: Floral!!!
  9. My favourite day of the week: Saturday
  10. My favourite flower: Roses. I know… such a cliche right? But to me they are the ultimate flowers in white, pink or red.

My 10 Nominations for the Sunshine Award are: 

I Am Glor: One of my favorite blogs to read and go to every day! It has the best of fashion, beauty, style, personal posts, celebrities, looks and styles to sport! Something to follow and read if you are looking for inspiration and original posts on trendy fashion/lifestyle/beauty subjects!
A Retail Salmon – great combination of designer & street fashion with posts on celebrities! Always a pleasure to read it.
Fashion By Cajus – A blog that will get your mind set on amazing clothes and looks you need to get, and posts on runway shows or fashion editorials that are really inspiring.
Yasmin Cruz – Yasmin’s blog is packed with everyday outfits that look so stylish it makes you want to get up right away to do some styling yourself or go shopping. Also she’s got amazing pictures of incredible fashion details that give personality to an outfit.
Fashion & Style Guru – A blog I love to read as it has so many great written posts on really various interesting, trendy yet never too much explored subjects. So it’s definitely something to read and follow. Also it has lovely images and great titles to capture attention.
Ram’s Look – If you want to be swept away by the world of fashion you need to read Ram’s blog. It is one of my favorites! Snapshots, glimpses and photo bits of the amazing details of a fashion world. I love the posts on models! Also the pictures are fantastic and you feel as though you are right in the middle of it all: fashion looks, styling, effortless attitudes, accessories, moods, faces, bodies. Brilliant!
Style Muse – Great blog to get inspired by! I love the pictures, the captured details, tasteful, stylish items that are featured. Also great balance of fashion posts and celebrities.
 Vest With An {A} – A must see and follow blog! Vesta’s got an amazing style and look, and because she posts pictures of herself in different cool, edgy, trendy, original outfits, you can let yourself be inspired by her wonderful style and moods. She’s one of those girls who look fashionable without even trying. See for yourselves:)
OhSoOrganic – Charlotte’s blog is one I always read. She’s got amazing posts from designer fashion to food or her own personal stylish items! Love her for being bubbly, funny and for giving me something great to read every day.
Tanana Style A blog that is so easy to read, relaxing, fun and it tackles subjects we’re all so interested in: from fashion (love the street fashion and personal snapshots) to food or lifestyle. Love T’s writing tone and her subject diversity.

25 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award!

  1. Hey, doll! Congratulations, you deserve it. Thank you, thank you for nominating me, I ❤ you for showing me some love! Very exciting! Xo Glor

    • Wow Laura!!! U are so great, thanks so much for your nomination. Still so happy about it, you can’t imagine. It’s that sort of thing you see in others, or others get, and always smile and wish you had one. Well I do now!!! Thanks babe! You are ‘the true ray of sunshine’. XOXO Dana Cristina

  2. Thank you, Dana, so exciting you nominate Fashion and Style Guru!
    We appreciate your nice words:-)
    Congratulations for your great work you are doing here and to make the wordpress society more colourful!:-)

    • Thanks so much! Such kind words. Wow! I’m just so happy all my readers like this blog. I love posting here as often as I can, and to get it rewarded in love & support is amazing!!!! You’ve got one of my fave blogs to read – hence the nomination:) Keep up the great work! XOX

      • Hello! Well, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise…you deserve it!! ❤ Ce nu fac! :)) La lucru e mult de… lucru…shocker! 😛 Bunica mea se muta si e o intreaga tevatura. Bine macar, ca avem liber 4 zile sa am doar una pe cap :D. Si mai e si foarte cald, vara chiar! Era si timpul! Tu ce faci? Aveti si voi liber? xoxo Mia

    • I just commented on your post… I can’t believe it! So very happy, thanks so much. I am so humbled and surprised and happy all at once that people not only read but enjoy my blog! You are the greatest. Thanks love. XOXO

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